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Aesthete | Data Scientist | ENTJ | Ergophile | AmbiveRT | Amateur Photographer

I started blogging to transfer my thoughts onto a medium as my mind was getting heavy each day with so many things. I was a weird recluse, a constant seeker for knowledge and by blogging I managed to lose the former and enhance the latter. My social reluctance was crushed by blogging and the more I write, the more chiseled my knowledge becomes. For all those who love to write, who want to create a sustainable impact in the minds of people, who want to spread their knowledge to all seekers and for those who want to have a dedicated space for them in the Internet.. Start Blogging!!

Made a few contributions for newspapers and magazines:

1>> Wrote a film review about "7am Arivu", a Tamil Movie which got published in "The Hindu".

2>> My Views about Objectification of Women (my International Women's day blogpost) in cinemas was published in a Tamil Magazine with the help of Banu Gomes. Highlighted in RED

3>> A little technical :P :D.. One of my papers got published in International Journal of Computer Applications.

4>> Published my short story "Chari! I'm Sorry!", in line with my A-Z Series 2014. You can grab a copy of this in Amazon Kindle by clicking the link below.

That's all about me... Keep reading my blog and do start a blog soon!!

Ram Thilak


  1. Hi Ram,
    I went through some of your posts. Your writing inspired me very much that I decided I want to start a series on my blog called "more than just a blog."
    I believe in spreading good work. As your blog is my inspiration to start this series, it only makes sense to showcase you as the first author on the series. My blog is very new and probably will not help you in practical aspect but I thought my readers deserve to know what you got to say.
    You can look at the post on my blog and if you feel it paints you in a wrong way or if you want me to pull it down, I will do it immediately.
    Thank you.

  2. Forgot to give you the link for the post http://earthonebigfamily.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/author-ram-thilak/

    1. First of all! Thank you for featuring my blog in your series "more than just a blog!". It's great you spend a lot of time in reading blogs and spreading blogs which you inspires you. A great initiative and I'm happy to inspire you. Will try my best to write good posts that can create a change!

  3. Thank you. Keep up with the good writing and do not disappoint my readers. :) No pressure cheer

    1. I won't! :D Rather, will try my best to entertain and educate your readers!

  4. Semma :) Keep up the Good Work :)

    1. Thanks a lot!! Akshai.. Pleased to hear this from you 😊😊


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