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Decorate Life with Words ~ Different forms of poems

I like to decorate my life with words and this is my attempt at defining different states of my mind poetically. The broad theme of all these poems is romance   throughout the day (and night) explained using different types of poetic devices. Concrete Visual Poetry - To Begin the Day     Every morning - My eyes open to your grumble, Sheets crumple, mind mumbles while my heart stumbles,   A ray of sun streaks through the window onto my moon.       Limerick - Brunch time   Morning brunch, you and I, She ordered French toast with cinnamon,    He said with a twinkle in his eye- "I’ll take French kiss with cinnamon".             Epigram - During the Day   Your face in my eyes, I lose all my lies. Your fingers inside of mine, I see my life incline. Your hair in my beard, My fears disappear- Your lips on mine, my mind stops to whine.      Haiku in the Night  Alone in bed, with a solitary light — Room smells empty without your scent;   Will you come to quench my thirst?! Love, Ram Im