Living, Not Existing!

I open my door- 
So mechanistically that my hands, 
Do not feel the keys anymore.

I step into a house filled-
With darkness so deep that you,
Feel like you are in a black hole.

I drop everything I have-
Lay inanimately on bed that makes me; 
Question - Am I living (or) existing?

I close my eyes, for respite, 
To fill my mind with you -
Restless soul feels revived,
A light lingers in my black hole.
Fingers starts to feel your fist,
While my eyes yearns for yours,
A sea of tranquility drowns me-
As your face and shadow fall on me,
Feeling it I smile after quite a while - 
Though you’re afar many a mile.

In these turbulent times of quarantine, 
My thoughts of you are umpteen,
Because, I feel like you are the key-
That opens the door to living, and not existing.



  1. Love in is the air, I reckon! Take care and stay safe with your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Susan for the comment. Yup, I'll preserve them safely.


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