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Sometimes I wonder!

Sometimes I wonder- When I squeeze myself into that lift pensively, With a bunch of people yet feeling lonely, Will this lift ever attain escape velocity? That takes me away from this Melancholy. Sometimes I wonder- When I scroll on my smartphone aimlessly, With my thumb encircling the same apps stupidly, Will this smartphone ever work intuitively? That takes me away from this digital Cacophony. Sometimes I wonder- When I'm standing in that bus stop; solitary, With dried leaves swirling around viciously, Will I ever get that one bus immediately? That takes me away to paradisiacal Arcady. And then I wonder- What I imagine my world to be is perfect and idealistic, But what will remain in this world then will just be "Monotony". The Friction, the Resistance, the Cacophony, the Melancholy - Are the things that makes me uncomfortable, but I still persist Because, in the end makes you awesome and keeps you alive. Love, Ram Thilak Image credits :