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Super Deluxe - Cinematic Brilliance on Screen!

Before I start writing this, I'm overjoyed writing this review particularly because this movie "Super Deluxe" written in Thiagarajan Kumararaja captures the beauty of cinema in it's purest form . He made a name for himself through his first movie, Aaranya Kaandam  - a neo-noir movie that was celebrated by critics for portraying the rawness in characters, for making a poster that captures' movie's ideology and for it's technical brilliance in cinematography, music and screenplay . The movie did win a lot of awards - most noticeably, the Grand Jury Award for the Best Film in the South Asian International Film Festival. However, it was unfortunate that it didn't do well enough in the box office and looking back I feel that movie was quite ahead of it's times. The movie audiences over the past 4-5 years have changed significantly with movies focusing on dark humor genre like Soodhu Kavvum , Neram  have surprisingly done well in box office. Theref