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Kaala (a) Karikalan - Kaasu Kari (Waste of Money)

Born and Brought up in Tamil Nadu in the late 90s and early 2000s, I remember a time when people would pay anything to watch a Rajinikanth movie on the first day. I've held that fascination as a kid too and sort of had a goal to watch #Thalaivar movie on first day. But when that goal came so near to completion today in the form of Kaala, it was a BIG disappointment.  In the visible spectrum, Black (Kaala) is achromatic and is defined as 'absence of visible light'. I think they have named this movie right on that part as when I think back, everything was absent in the movie - music, screenplay, editing and even the story itself was a letdown. The movie starts with an animated sequence about the importance of Land and how it has shaped human civilisation. Then the focus shifts to Dharavi - a locality in Maharashtra that houses thousands of people in the working class. As usual, businessman/politicians are trying to take over this land and our hero (Kaala) fights to pro