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The History of Data Science

I got an opportunity to talk about this topic two weeks ago in SOTEDx - an internal TED inspired talk in HP Singapore. Just thought it would be good to write it as an article and hence you are here. Whenever I come across something trending, I generally go back to history to see how it evolved. By looking at history, it helps me to demystify the trend and think logically. I did the same for Data Science to understand what events in history directly/indirectly influenced it to become pervasive in the business world today. Broadly, there have been people from two schools of thought - the industry, business and corporate on one side and the engineers, computer hobbyists and academia on the other. In 1955, in the midst of the second industrial revolution, Taylorism or Scientific Management was extensively adopted in industries. Through his theory, Taylor demonstrated that if a process workflow is analyzed and data is collected from all variables involved in the process we can