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Love is in the air!

How often have we dreamt of meeting someone special on a flight?! I encouraged that thought, dreamt of how it could be and wrote it as a poem. It's been long since I wrote romance and I hope you enjoy reading it. I'm a very visual person so the trick is to translate the words into imagery. Happy reading! Tightening my seatbelt with a book, a bottle and a jacket, Trying hard to settle down so that my flight can depart; Rushing and panting she leaped in the plane and sat to my right, Unsettling me with her eyes she instantly tore my heart apart. One half of me was intimidated while the other wanted to be intimate, One eye was reading the novel while the other was grasping her novelty, The mind was asking me to wait while the heart kept on saying it's late, Hypnotised by her, I started hypothesising the upper limits of beauty. Unheeding my uncalmness, she went past me to walk down the aisle, Seeing her body glide, I dreamt of walking with her for m