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Hear me Roar - A Tweak and a Try!

                   This is another post that breaks my blog hibernation. With final exams over for my Masters and with internship also coming to an end, this time around, I wanted to try something that has been nagging me for a long time; can music inspire you write a poem? The first instance of this thought came to me through the song 'Sippi Irukkudhu' from the movie 'Varumayin Nerum Sivappu' where Kamal Hassan fills words for tunes sung by Sridevi. It is an interesting and engaging song and you can hear it here if you understand Tamil.                      Since, I'm more comfortable with English, I set out on finding a song for which I can write a poem using the music. So, in this post I've tried to write a poem inspired from the music of 'The Rains of Castamere- Hear me Roar!'.                        It took me about three hours to come up with different iterations of the poem and finally settle with one. Just a glimpse of the cre