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Jewel Love! #Love #Stories #Stylori

                            It was pouring heavily and today was one of those rarest days of the year in Chennai; rainy and gloomy. It was half past ten at night and I was driving back home through the expressway. My headlamps kept switching between dim and dip as it was fighting it's way through the mist. An eerie silence filled this busy road. The music of my car's engine and Interstellar's S.T.A.Y playing on my car's audio were just the two sounds I could hear, here. The night was pure and today being a Friday, my mind was occupied with weekend plans.                           As my car's wiper was working hard in clearing the water on my windshield, I saw a shining hand at a distance. A Stylori bangle named Radiant Verisia   beautified her hands The red gemstone on her bangle was so bright and iridescent that it unconsciously made me press the brake. My car tires felt the same shock like me.  There was another car at a distance with parking lights on and

PicPoetry #1

Hassles, minute or humongous, Evaporates in a minute; When it feels, Your burning mettle. Love, Ram Thilak