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Lessons Learnt Under the Tree!

Trees are often my companion during my solitude. Whenever I feel turbulence in my mind, the first thing I do is to go to a calm place filled with trees, sit down and take a deep breath. Surprisingly today, when I opened my closed eyes after taking a deep breath and looked at the tree, I felt like the tree was silently hearing my mind and responding with metaphors.

Use your resources to the fullest:

The tree said, "You look troubled. When you touch me, I feel a lot of disturbance in your body, especially in your mind. Are you facing any scarcity?." The word 'scarcity' kept reverberating through my ears. I thought in my mind, "Scarcity has always been my life. My scarcity is so abundant now that fear has crept in. With fear, I'm less sure about everything." The tree was silent for few minutes and then said, "Do you know from where I grow? Have you ever thought about my growth and looked at your life? My Life beings under the soil. I don't worry u…

Haiku- Love, Work and Life..!

Love With a drying nib and a blinking cursor, My mind and mouth are fondly strangled, Unable to translate your thoughts into words.
Work Calendars show my only days and not dates; I struggle each day to realize someone's dream Not knowing, how much, how far or how long?
Life I travel in Life from Innocence through Ignorance; Idiocy; Insanity; Insomnia; Inertia; Up until, Imagination frees my Inward Isolation.

Love, Ram Thilak