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Lessons Learnt Under the Tree!

Trees are often my companion during my solitude. Whenever I feel turbulence in my mind, the first thing I do is to go to a calm place filled with trees, sit down and take a deep breath. Surprisingly today, when I opened my closed eyes after taking a deep breath and looked at the tree, I felt like the tree was silently hearing my mind and responding with metaphors. Use your resources to the fullest: The tree said, " You look troubled. When you touch me, I feel a lot of disturbance in your body, especially in your mind. Are you facing any scarcity? ." The word 'scarcity' kept reverberating through my ears. I thought in my mind, " Scarcity has always been my life. My scarcity is so abundant now that fear has crept in. With fear, I'm less sure about everything. " The tree was silent for few minutes and then said, " Do you know from where I grow? Have you ever thought about my growth and looked at your life? My Life beings under the soil. I don

Haiku- Love, Work and Life..!

Love With a drying nib and a blinking cursor, My mind and mouth are fondly strangled, Unable to translate your thoughts into words. Work Calendars show my only days and not dates; I struggle each day to realize someone's dream Not knowing, how much, how far or how long? Life I travel in Life from Innocence through Ignorance; Idiocy; Insanity; Insomnia; Inertia; Up until, Imagination frees my Inward Isolation. Love, Ram Thilak