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What if Game of Thrones is made in Kollywood?

        Game of Thrones season is on and just an idea as to how it would be if we had to cast these characters in Kollywood . All characters are fictional. The actors cast against the Game of Thrones characters takes into consideration of their films, life experiences and many more parameters. I wanted to write the reason for casting each of these actors but I feel it's better to convey it through pictures. So, here we go! 1) 'Thala'  Ajith Kumar as Stannis Baratheon For The One True King 2) 'Captain'  Vijayakanth  as Robert Baratheon For Wine, Politics and Power 3) Arun Vijay as Khal Drogo   For Physique and Villainy 4) Anushka Shetty as Brienne of Tarth  For Height and Valor 5) 'Amma' J Jayalalitha as Olenna Tyrell   For Politics, Strategy and also called as Queen of Thrones 6) Vijay Sethupathi as Mance Ryder   For his attitude and for trusting in One's strength  7) Nassar as Petyr