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OK Kanmani Review - It's Alaipayuthey 2.0!

In one line, with O Kadhal Kanmani (OKK), Mani Ratnam  makes a comeback and gives a strong punch to his critics not to write him off Kollywood. Coming to the movie, it was evident from the trailers that OK Kanmani will definitely have shades of Alaipayuthey but what I personally loved is the way in which the story was rendered. When you watch the movie, you will find a lot of overlaps with many of Mani Ratnam's previous hits but at the end of the day, this movie presents the thoughts of a large percentage of the current generation about marriage. Some would still feel the movie is unreal but I say with time, live-in relationships will been seen differently. It would be unfair to compare Alaipayuthey  with OK Kanmani as there is a 15 year gap between both. But, both were written and directed by Mani Ratnam with his revered technicians PC Sreeram  (Cinematography), AR Rahman  ( Music), Sreekar Prasad  (Editing) and Vairamuthu  (Lyrics). Both these movies wonderfully renders the