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I - Amazing Performances Diluted by a Streamline Screenplay!

                "I" , Shankar 's much-hyped science fiction movie has been creating a buzz since it the time it began and particularly when the audio launch was attended by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger . Since then, the audience were waiting patiently for the spectacle to release. When you see "I" all you get is another revenge drama with little science fiction interspersed with it. After 180 odd minutes, you still wait for the spectacle to happen, that magic imprint which compelling movie leaves you with is totally missing. It's then you realize, " Is this "I" ? Is that all or is there something more?  It is definitely not a bad movie but certainly can't be placed as a 'great movie' taking the movie as a whole.                   "I" is not all about Shankar, it's all about Vikram . I salute this actor for his performance throughout the movie. Not even in one frame in the film, can you complain of his acting. A

Chennai- A City with a Cultural Equipoise

        This post is part of the blog tag titled, The  CBC Tablog - 3 , where CBC stands for  Chennai Bloggers Club , a group where diverse bloggers who are connected to Chennai talk about a variety of things including blogging. The theme we've chosen this time is " CHENNAI - A BLEND OF THE TRADITIONAL AND MODERN ".  Sriram Acharya , who blogs at  My Paradoxical Paradise  passed the blog tag to me. Thanks Sriram for introducing me and you can read his post on the some theme  here  .         I think my generation is the first to grow up in the so called "Modern Chennai" and adapt ourselves to this changing Chennai. When I just walk across the streets now, rewind my thoughts and pause to see how it was 10 years ago, all I see is a calmer and a less crowded Chennai. The best thing about Chennai is that all the rich culture and traditions that this land holds has stayed on for years with only constructive changes rather than being completely overshadowed by a new