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Kaththi becomes Sharper with Time and Cuts you Deep on Emotion!

                                            With lot of issues around Kaththi, most importantly it's plagiarism issue, I take back whatever I've written in this review. I don't want to give any credit to artists who do not truly deserve it. And, I also want to ensure credibility in my posts and that is the reason for this decision of mine. Movie Review:                                      AR Murugadoss- Ilayathapathy Vijay holding hands together for Diwali after Thuppaki have used another weapon this time to strike the box office, Kaththi. This time though, they've an able companion in Anirudh whose thunderous tones has sharpened Kaththi immensely. Unfortunately Vijay has been missing that composer who can complement his on-screen appeal and I guess he has found one in Anirudh. His background score substantiates Vijay's mass appeal thereby enhancing the entire audio-visual experience. These three elements Vijay-Anirudh- AR Murugadoss's screenplay (not the

Nagala Hills- An unspoilt weekend destination

                                      Nagala hills, a famous spot for trekkers and adventure freaks in Chennai is a place that should be explored by all. It is termed "ideal" for first time trekkers and given the fact that you can complete the trek in a day including travel makes it all the more attractive. With 23 colleagues as trekking companions among which most of them were first time trekkers, the journey to this hillock started.                                         It was an early start around half past five in the morning. 24 of us boarded in two vans with a travel of 100 kilometers ahead of us. The crowd was diverse with people from early 20's to late 30's, all looking forward towards a journey which tests your endurance, determination and stamina. Our first halt was for breakfast at a mess in Uthukootai, a panchayat town very close to Andhra Pradesh ( now called as Seemandhra). They nourished us with the classic Tamil breakfast of idly-sambar-chutney al