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Technology with Mathematics in Cricket!

                      With the recently concluded India tour of England, I got this thought ringing in my mind as to "How Cricket would be in the next 10 years?". While by football fanatic friends are supposing a possibility of a robotic opponent in 10-15 years in football, I don't think robots would debut in cricket so soon. So, what else could be the changing factor and I found the answer in technology or more specifically, in information.                       Yes! You can ask me, information has always been available about players, their strategies, their weaknesses and of course their strengths. During the initial years, it was in the players minds', then it was on paper with the team strategists analyzing ways to win and it went obviously to a computer. But now, more than ever computers are not only giving information but always constantly learning that piece of information. With this learning, it is predicting various possibilities with a probability for eac