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The Importance of Making Someone Feel Important!

                                        I gather inspiration from a variety of things. One such thing which made me write this blog post is a quote on my colleague's bag, "Time flies so fast in busy daily Life!". It is rather a very simple observation which randomly crossed my eyes but those words kept resonating in my mind during my entire travel back home. It has been around a month since I started working full time and the routine has been so mundane that I can't realize that a month has slipped by. The work has been satisfying but back home the satisfaction is missing.                                         It's still early days though but I don't find lot of changes in the foreseeable future. So, this challenge of ensuring a balance between work and home will prove demanding. Let me explain with a scenario. On an average, clocking 8 hours per day is mandatory for all full time jobs an hour is allocated each day for refreshments. Adding with this is l