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The Indian Student Chronology

                                    This is not yet another grumbling post about our education system, or is it about how the various factors both external and internal influences the Indian Student during his schooling. It is an observation about the Life of a Typical Indian Student. I finished my engineering about a month ago and I chose to work immediately. A few of my friends are pursuing higher studies and a few have got jobs on paper but yet to join their company. A friend of mine spoke to me last night about the "Ambition, Peer Pressure and the various dilemmas when it comes to Education and Career in India." He even asked me to write about it and this is for him, and for all those sailing in the same boat.                                      When I wanted to blog about this, I wanted to go deep into this issue instead of just speaking about the problem. So, I just looked into my circle of friends, what they are doing and find some kind of a pattern to this problem

Indian Ethnic Men’s Clothing – Why every man should have one!!

This is a guest post by an promising fashion blogger  Anu Mohan . She has learnt immensely about blogging, fashion (her strong point) and maintaining healthy friendships on social media in past few months. With less than a year of blogging, she has given an interview, her post got featured in an e-magazine and has secured the Liebster Award. I'm so happy for this bubbling fashionista and wish her success in all she does! Her Article! : To start with this is Anuradha Mohan A.K.A Anu Mohan and I am a fashion blogger. I promised Ram long time back that I would write up an article on Indian clothing for men , yes I did delay but here it is .. :D To start with overall Indian ladies are associated with Sari but when it comes to men things are little different. I would broadly classify it into North Indian Ethnic Clothing and South Indian Ethnic Clothing; let’s not go too deep into it... ok?  :) To be honest I love men who embrace Indian wear and carry it with a style, it can be