A Cricketer's Proposal!!

A Cricketer's Proposal!!

I took guard to play another innings of mine,
That face of yours bowled a beamer at me,
Off I took the helmet I wore; against Love,
With every ball, I felt you to finish with a century.

Each day, you are the bat when I go to bat,
And you are the ball when I start to bowl,
And I always want to catch you when I field,
Because, every moment I yearned for your grip.

Having got myself stumped with your googly eyes,
You're carrom smile pocketed my heart in your dimple,
You're eyes bowled a yorker at me to thrash my stumps,
My dismissal was adjudged LBW; Love before Wicket.

I promise two things; I'll never run you out of my Life anytime,
And this partnership of ours will stay not out until one of us retires.

Ram Thilak..

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