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A Cricketer's Proposal!!

A Cricketer's Proposal!! I took guard to play another innings of mine, That face of yours bowled a beamer at me, Off I took the helmet I wore; against Love, With every ball, I felt you to finish with a century. Each day, you are the bat when I go to bat, And you are the ball when I start to bowl, And I always want to catch you when I field, Because, every moment I yearned for your grip. Having got myself stumped with your googly eyes, You're carrom smile pocketed my heart in your dimple, You're eyes bowled a yorker at me to thrash my stumps, My dismissal was adjudged LBW; Love before Wicket. I promise two things; I'll never run you out of my Life anytime, And this partnership of ours will stay not out until one of us retires. Love, Ram Thilak.. Image courtesy:  Internet

#ScoopofSmiles @CreamandFudge

                                                  It was the 10th of May and the usual Saturday of mine turned chilly and colorful..! Thanks to Cream and Fudge Sundae making experience. My friends from the Chennai Bloggers Club were there around 4 30pm to make me feel comfortable at Cream and Fudge. The last time we had to do Pizzas and now it was time for desserts, I told myself. We waited for the Manager to come and our usual talks about our club were on as usual. The Place....                                                                         Talking about Cream and Fudge Factory, I found it to be a great place for a casual talk. The outlet is easy to place and strategically located which makes it a wonderful hangout spot. The famous Natesan Park is a few meters away, a temple next to the outlet which remains crowded on almost all days and a Pizza Corner restaurant above gives Cream and Fudge a great advantage in terms in location. For an ice-cream outlet, the space in