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Breaking my silence...! #pizzacornerparty and With A-Z Challenge...

                                           The month of April is the most cherished month for bloggers like me because it is the month of A-Z Challenge. It has been a blog break of nearly a month now and personally Life has been dull. The #pizzacornerparty with Chennai Bloggers was a much-awaited meet and I loved the way they conducted it.Brags arranged it for us and it was to me the best meet. Thank you! Brags! :). At the end of that day, most of us learnt to bake few Italian dishes from professional chefs knowing exactly what we were doing. I couldn't gather all the details from the chefs (as I was busy eating the pizzas :P), here I share the link of my co-blogger Mr.Shashi who thoroughly explained the process with appropriate photographs. To read his description, click  here .                                           Coming to the A-Z Challenge, this very challenge last year helped me rediscover myself as a blogger.At the start, I found it very difficult to manage time and w

6 C's to Succeed ~~ An exploration!!

        Giving a blog break is something which I haven't tried till now and when I did so, I came up with this post..!! Been almost 20 days since my last post and all these days there have been many things lingering in my mind to write about. From music, to short stories, to spirituality, to personal experiences and many more but nothing was transformed into a blog post. But, suddenly these series of C's tumbled out of my head and I ended up making a rather interesting connection with these C's.          So, what are the C's I'm talking about. The C's I'm gonna write about when understood and implemented religiously will help you immensely both on a personal and a professional level. I guess my liking towards business and self-help books made me write this article. The six C's are:     Concentration | Common Sense | Confidence | Curiosity | Courage | Commitment    The reason why I've listed it horizontally but not vertically is because each on