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The Believer vs the Non-Believer!!

God, an entity that has forever been subjected to a lot of debate and it's one concept that has always fascinated me. I've constantly been surrounded by people who object my views of God and even mock me at times. I've also written a couple of articles, quite similar to the same topic  The Concept of God!!  and  A Letter to God!! . So, what makes me write about this again and again!! This very idea of God is so wide that each day, I get inspired by different things which lead me here. Religion was mocked by a lot of learned people and especially people who read science tried to get a logical answer to all these questions about God. Then, there was an interesting group of people who didn't take any sides terming their belief to be "Agnostic." These group of a people believed in a formless, supernatural force guiding us but they kept themselves away from rituals. Then, the non-believers who call themselves not as atheists but as rationalists. Now, another gro

The REAL Education... Where is it??

                          Does education achieve it's real purpose? Or does it just qualify it's takers on paper and when it comes to Life, they fail in their basic lessons... There is something about knowledge which I really like. The purpose of education is to impart knowledge in the minds of people and when it comes to knowledge, quantity matters more than quality. A quantum knowledge on diverse fields is of immaculate importance which our system of education fails to deliver. Our curriculum, in comparison with other methods is voluminous but does it make us skilled when it comes to implementation is the problem. We have blueprint in schools, important questions to score high and the most preferred LOCAL AUTHOR when it comes to Engineering. Even in professional education this trend of easy-to-go attitude continues and getting good grades easily to ensure you get out of college with a degree in hand just keeps persisting. When it comes to job, where application is mandatory