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Relationships in College - A Short Story..!

My first attempt or rather a first formal attempt to blog a short story. I wanted to touch upon relationships and the last time I did the same it ended up being very controversial. So, this time around, I thought of communicating the thought through a story instead of registering my observations directly. Hope, it comes out well.. :D One thing in this work is loud and clear.. THIS IS PURELY A WORK OF FICTION. Please don't relate any of these words to my Life, to the circle in which I talk to or whatsoever. Read it, if you like it share it, and you're always free to give your feedback. Martha Parker is a girl raised in a family which lays on premium on education and is known for high achievers. She follows suite and enrolls herself in a university which houses few of the brightest minds in the country. Like every other student, she is energetic, excited about her college and brimming with joy she wanders in the college environs. New people starts coming into her life and her

Programming in Life..!!

Programming.. A word that has been hardwired into our everyday lives. I'm not writing this article just because I'm a computer science student or is this post a purely technical one. It's more of a realization for me as to the impact of this word in our lives now.. Starting from the alarm clock that rings in our mobile each morning to the songs that play through our ears at night (if you use it as a sleep-inducing method) to the signals that guide us in traffic, to the indicators use in all transport, to the treadmill which calculates the calories you've burnt and many more things which are part of our everyday lives are programmed. I've read programming in college but never really visualized the impact of it in the real world. College was an endeavor primarily focusing towards academics but never really did I dig deep into the roots of this methodology. What if programming doesn't exist in this world? Imagining, I see just one thing "Anarchy". Prog

Jilla - Yet another Vijay's typecast...

Jilla, the mass Pongal entertainer starring two mass-appeal stalwarts of South Indian Cinema Mohanlal and Vijay turned out to be a regular mass appeal flick. I just don't know how long our directors are going to make films keeping the stars in mind. Rajinikanth is a different league, the reason I mention this here is not to compare Rajini with Vijay or Mohanlal but then doing movies built around mass masala is a very unhealthy trend which needs to be nipped in the bud. Rajini has achieved a demi-god kind-of a status because we grew seeing him and his stunts those days were like "Wow!! What a man?!". Those movies, when we watch now looks unrealistic and less entertaining. If anyone even tries to ape his films or even wants to achieve his spot in Tamil Cinema it's impossible. There is just one Rajini. Well, coming back.. Jilla offers nothing new to Tamil cinema apart from the never seen combination of Vijay and Mohanlal. Their chemistry on screen is wonderful and Mohan

My Life Till Now!! ~~ A Rewind!

It does feel great to write about you no matter how bad you write it. The very fact that you're the epicenter of what you're writing makes you feel special. Anyone likes to be a hero of a story, Right?! So, after blogging for more than three years and after more than 160 posts, I thought let me write about ME. I'm not going to completely open about my life now or is it a "blowing you're own trumpet" kind-of a post. The reason why I chose ME as the subject was because I couldn't find any inspiration or trigger which usually happens during the day for me. These were those monotonous days with stagnant thoughts and frankly to burst my stress, I chose ME as the subject. Probably, I had a conversation with my sister Rekha about personal diaries on the internet which made me write this.. A Trigger! So, "Where should I start?!" was the question that popped inside my head. Should I start with the days of my primary education where I used to attend sch