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Biryani- Over masala leading to constipation!!

Biryani, a Venkat Prabhu diet is a stereotypical Tamil movie with all different elements of comedy (they call it comedy though), romance, brother-sister sentiment and action sequences. These masala elements are overused and has made Biryani, an absolute flop. The weak script is the primary reason for making Biryani, a Venkat Prabhu leading to constipation of the brain. Responses from the social media came as "It's better to pay 120 bucks and eat a Biryani rather than to see Biryani." I completely go with this one-liner. The only tasty ingredient in Biryani is Mandy Takhar who has blew most people away with her performance though this is her first film in Kollywood. Biryani fails miserably in other departments as well besides poor story line. The story has Sugan (Karthi) and Parasuram (Premji Amaren) who did their schooling, college (Sugan comes college 1st and Parasuram 2nd, I still don't understand the reason as to why the director showed this) and ended up workin

Ivan Veramathri - Action Veramathri!!

Ivan Veramathri, the romantic action flick which has Vikram Prabhu in the lead is slightly different from the stereotypical action flicks of Tamil Cinema but it does have the usual elements. The movie revolves around the newly held popular concept followed by Indian film makers "Never underestimate the power of a common man!." The gist of Ivan Veramathri is a common man becomes a vigilante over-night as a result of many stimulants which happen in his life but unlike usual flicks, personal aversion is the not the stimulant for his vigilantism. Though, at the later part of the story the director brings back the same old formula of fighting for your lady-love which were the repercussions for his bravery. The story unfolds with politics being involved and a rampage at Law college where students hit each other brutally. I remember this also happening sometime back in reality where a similar violent incident happened at Law College, probably that was an inspiration for the direc

Kalyana Samayal Saadam- Not So Traditional!!

Kalyana Samayal Saadam, the romantic comedy does strike a chord in it's genre effortlessly evoking laughter in most of it's frames. The movie starring Prasanna and Lekha Washington in lead roles flows with a nice streamlined screenplay about an arranged TamBrahm wedding with a turbulent shift in between. Seeing the title most people would expect an "Aahaa!! Beshh Beshh!!" kind of an experience but beware, never judge a movie seeing it's title or it's trailer.I'll come back to this as to why! The movie begins in a narrative style with Meera (Lekha Washington) brought up in a TamBrahm family comprising a protective mom, an understanding father and elders (Thathas, Pattis,Mamas and Mamis) all of them searching for the BEST match for their girl. The director R.S Prasanna has ensured that he has showcased the contemporary TamBrahm parents on-screen perfectly by making Meera's parents a nice mixture of tradition and modernism. After a lot of rejections (

Real Estate Scenario in Chennai!!

Well.. Well..Well..!! So, here comes a 20 year old going to give real estate advises to people who are going to invest. You may be partly right on your assumption but I was a little apprehensive on blogging about this with my age as a factor. But having read a lot and after visiting a few construction sites in Chennai, I'm writing this post so there is enough credibility. I've also interlaced many insights which my father had taught me from my 9th standard largely due to my curiosity about the "Art of Making Money!". So, history apart I'm just going to present a view of Chennai's real estate making an analysis with respect to different geographies and various allied factors. NORTH CHENNAI: Chennai is majorly divided into North, South, Central, West and suburban regions in each of these divisions. (Please don't ask me "What about Chennai's East?".. It's Bay of Bengal. Damn it! :P :D You got islands to invest over there ;-)) The Nort

A Peek into the Digital Society!!

I've been working on this post for quite sometime and this is one such post about which I wanted to make a video. But due to inappropriate equipment, I'm blogging about it. This post is going to be a big one and that was one of the reasons as to why I wanted to make it as a video. If you want some thought to really reach out to a lot of people, it has to be to simple and short (something I learnt after 3 years of blogging :P) else make it as a video :D. Before, I begin writing I want to tell something loud and clear. Whatever service I mention here Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, WeChat, Line are things which we all use after agreeing on their "terms and conditions" and I'm not accusing any of these services. In fact, I carry a lot of respect for each of these brands and especially Facebook and Google. Facebook is one company which has kept fascinating me and their impact on this world can is substantiated by it's highest IPO ever in the Internet history having