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Pizza 2: Villa - Not Pizza's progeny..!!

Villa (Pizza 2), a film from the team which made highly acclaimed movie Pizza didn't turn out to be scary or thrilling. I even find it hard to mention Villa as Pizza 2 because the takeaway after watching Pizza was far different from what Villa gives. It's unfair to call Villa as a sequel or as a successor for Pizza as both are miles apart though they are classified under the same genre of films. So, if you want to see Villa don't go with expectations of Pizza, you'll end up being unsatisfied. Now coming to Villa, the story looking as a whole looks good. The story begins with Jebin (Ashok Selvan), a writer who is trying hard to publish his first book. His love-interest is played by Sanchita Shetty (of Soodhu Kavvum fame) as Aarthi who is an art student. Jebin is short of confidence as he loses his father and nothing positive seems to happen in his life. He needs money so decides to sell his father's property, a Villa in Puduchery. He goes to East-facing Villa sit

Arrambam- Razzmatazz repudiated!!

Arrambam, the Ajith ("Thala") entertainer released on October 31st, two days before Deepavali blocked all screens in the city and was released with a lot of uproar. Directed by Vishnu Vardhan and boasting of a star cast which has Nayanthara, Arya, Taapsee Pannu, Rana Daggubati (guest appearance) as lead characters and Atul Kulkarni, Mahesh Manjrekar in villainous roles, the hype was expected. Most of the "Thala" fans expected a "Billa" kind-of an experience considering that the movie had a similar star cast and director. Arrambam is without doubt, a disappointment for the razzmatazz it created. The plot lacks cogency and it's only likable in parts. The story begins with serial bomb-blasts in Mumbai executed by Ashok (Ajith) which makes the audience think that "Thala" is gonna have negative shades again after Mankatha. Following this, an introduction song for Thala. I thought "C'mon! Give me a break?" When will Tamil Cinema ge

Appreciating little things builds LIFE!!

The other day, my Mom was very happy for having hung the clothes neatly within the available space.She showed my those clothes and asked me how was it, "I said WOW! You taught me how to maximize space utilization. (I exclaimed this in my mother tongue, "Ma! Paravaliye irukkara edathula supera thuniya onnathitiye!")." She smiled back at me and that moment was over. She had such an accomplished smile on her face for having done that and looked again if the clothes were hung properly with a child-like charm.She needed a small recognition from me and I gave it to her. But, do every one get these kind of recognition?? was the question that popped up inside my mind at that moment. Recognition need not always be monetary or materialistic. There is a dogma which exists in all our minds that recognition must always come from someone who is above us. The word 'above' here can be interpreted in terms of financial success or popularity or age etc., but we have eclips