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Household chores.. Ain't easy at ALL.. :/ #Learning

A day came when I had to do every single thing that needs to be done to run a household. Till yesterday, I used to ridicule my mom (not always, but at times) for doing routine, mundane jobs. She used to clean a vessel, transfer contents usually in a microwavable container then after heating she used to again transfer it again in a stainless steel container. Looking from outside, these small things used to be funny and there have been many instances where I've underrated and under-appreciated  her contributions. Then, when the day came when I had to do every single thing by myself, I understood the importance of My MOM. I just did the basic things to ensure that a household properly functions. In fact, sweeping the house, cleaning clothes and washing vessels were exempted but despite this, I had a hard time. My first task was to make coffee, which turned out grueling as I'd split milk on the floor, increased dikatshan ( is there an equivalent word in English for it?) and dran

When things go wayward.... Your comfort zone increases!!

"The Social Network" movie which depicts the life of Mark Zuckerburg, the co-founder of facebook was a an interesting flick and I liked the way it was narrated. Usually characters, screenplay, story attracts me and makes me blog a movie review. But this time, a dialog made me write this post. If you'd seen the movie, the characters Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (the twins who'd initially shown interest in starting a social networking website to Zuckerburg) had a nearly perfect life blessed with almost every thing they asked for. When Mark was questioned whether he hates the Winklevoss' as they are suing him for intellectual property theft for something they didn't invent he replies, "I don't hate anybody. The Winklevoss' are suing me because for the first time in their life things didn't go they way they were supposed to for them. " These words made me think as to how many of us would react differently when things go wayward in our lives.

Women's Sufferings- Who's Responsible??

I don't know if I'm old enough to write on this topic but having read a slew of posts about the troubles which a woman faces in the form of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Embarrassment, I wanted to write on this too. After reading a lot of posts in the Internet and in print media, I understood one thing in certain. Every woman suffers a stage in her lifetime subjugated by a male either verbally or physically. Some women boldly fight back but a larger part of them brood over these unpleasant instances deep inside their heart. This revelation made me rethink as to what kind of civilization are we boasting ourselves of when basic gender equality and mutual respect towards the other sex cannot be achieved? This question made me write this post. Recently, two products pepper spray and a protective inner wear which would create a shock whenever someone touches it were bought by many women in the market. When I read about this, I felt ashamed of being a man living in a soci

Never end your LIFE! ~~ IASP

The International Association of Suicide Prevention  has declared September 10th, 2013 as the World Suicide Prevention Day and I'm blogging about Suicide Prevention to support this day. I thank the  The Chennai Bloggers Club  for creating the awareness in me about this day. I have already shown my anger towards people who attempt/commit suicides through my post  Never Murder Yourself :( :( :(  but this time I'm writing about this in a different way. Raj was panting heavily as he was rushed to the nearby hospital. He could faintly hear the loud, deep cries of his mother, "Rajjjjj!! Why the hell did you do this?? Did we do anything wrong? If you want, end our Life not yours...." Raj was taken to the Intensive Critical Care Unit and was given necessary treatment with three doctors trying to save his Life. Yes, Raj had attempted suicide by slitting his wrists. Every ounce of his blood split on the floor while taking him to the hospital reduced his chances for survival.

The Placement Bug!!

By now, the word "placement" will be reverberating in the walls of all engineering colleges and the placement bug would have crept into the brains of engineering students. Rita, Adam, Josh and Liz joined engineering three years ago and are gearing up for the recruitment drive which will happen in their colleges. All four of them joined engineering with the dream of landing in a BIG job with a good pay. Now, with terms/phrases such as recession, low employ-ability ratio among engineers, bench, evading offer letters have made their days worrisome. Apparently, Adam had great practical knowledge and was adept in coding. He ensured that he got a job in the first company that visited the campus. But, his happiness is overshadowed by the fact that his friends Rita, Josh and Liz are unable to find themselves a job. About three companies have visited the campus so far Josh went close enough and attended the HR round but got rejected there. The remaining two Rita and Liz are prepari

On my birthday...!!

On this very day, about 21 years ago I began my journey, In a wonderful planet called Earth without an itinerary, And the first thing I did to prove my existence was to cry, Ironically, when I was weeping people were smiling that day. My emotions were limited and I just had two ways to express, A cry to communicate my pain and a smile to show my happiness, To satisfy my scanty needs these God given feelings were sufficient, And all other emotions in Life are manifestations of the above mentioned. Each day I'm progressing in my journey in search of many things, More often than not, the ones I seek in my Life flies away with wings, But every time I fall I ensure that there is some HOPE that clings, Which makes me continue this quest of mine until my death bell rings. My journey still has a long way to go yet I want to accomplish two things in certain, When my journey ends, I shouldn't be the reason for anyone's happiness and I should leave a trail. Love,