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A Sequel~~ Crazy Ball- An Object of Inspiration!!

There has been a lot of controversies about my previous post  Relationships in College ~~ A Recluse's tale  and many people thought the character Ralph is ME. I do agree that for a few parts, I did derive inspiration from my life but the entire post is not about my Life alone. It has a few things I've heard from people around me, a few from my learning and understanding about Life and many different sources of inspiration are part of that post. If I've hurt anyone through my writings I apologize and the character Ralph created by me will feature more frequently in posts. I want to create characters with details and descriptions to chisel my writing skills. So, please don't misunderstand any of my writings from now on and that is the reason why I'm writing this prologue.I like being straightforward and if I want to tell something to someone, I will convey it directly to that person and not through my writings.                    Yet another normal day at colle

Relationships in College!! ~~ A Recluse's Tale

Well! the very title would have sparked a lot of curiosity in you to read this post but I emphasize that this post is not a personal post. It has a few realities interspersed with fiction just to make it interesting. I'm writing this not to reveal anything, so please don't misunderstand any of the wordings here.                   Let me start this in the usual way! A long, long time ago, a boy named Ralph filled with a lots of aspirations in his mind was nurtured in a conservative environment both at home and in school. Not a time did Ralph behaved like a usual teenager. His conversations was limited to people who were elder to him and never had many friends in school. However, during his early school days he had a friend named Sarah Jane with whom he is still in touch. Maybe, other students with whom he was studying saw him differently or maybe he didn't come forward to make friends with people; whatever could be the reason, a large part of his time was spend alone. He

Kodambakkam :: 600024

This post is dedicated to celebrate the founding of Madras (now Chennai) which falls on August 18th every year.Usually, the entire week from August 18th to August 25th is celebrated as Madras Week. I'm blogging about my the place where I've been a resident for the past 18 years... KODAMBAKKAM. Kodambakkam is known to people as the epicenter of The Tamil Film Industry (aka Kollywood).This correlation is because of the fact that a lot of famous film studios such as AVM Productions, Bharani Studios, L.V Prasad Studios, Vijaya Vauhini Studios were established in and around Kodambakkam which made this place as the hub of the Tamil Film Industry. As our Madras city expanded and slowly the film industry started to shoot in real places rather than opting for sets, the studio culture started perishing. A lot of studios were converted into hospitals, marriage halls etc., The recently launched Vijaya Forum Mall was previously Vijaya Sesh Mahal and in its ancestor was Vijaya Studios. Th