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Maryan- Deeply thought but slowly executed!!

Maryan, with it's star cast and top rated technicians set expectations sky-high among movie audiences and even among people from the film industry.The end product made by director Bharath Bala, music director A R Rahman and AFC certified cinematographer was supposed to be excellent but I feel it has only partially satisfied the audience.When you see the movie in parts, it looks excellent but as a whole it fails to make a mark it was believed to make. The story of the movie has Maryan (Dhanush) who loves the ocean and is an expert fisherman. Panimalar (Parvathi) plays his love interest. Unlike the stereotypical Tamil movies where the hero chases the girl, here the reverse happens with Parvathy trying to somehow win over Maryan. They fall in love with each other and then a problem sets in. Parvathy's father has a loan to repay for which Maryan agrees to work as a contract laborer in Sudan to get sufficient money for repayment.A twist happens in the story when Maryan is bein

Let you Life Flow!!

When I was a recluse sitting in corners of 90 degree, With thoughts revolving in my mind through 360 degree, Deciphering what I need to do in my major degree, Leaving me sunk with hands-tied in a deep-sea. A voice from within vibrated about my approaching mortality, And all my fights, my anger, my happiness all melted in totality, That very moment of fatality reinforced in me all the morality, I was determined not to give in as it was not my mentality. My hands were tied, but not my legs and I began to jink, Somehow, I remained buoyant and still, still didn't sink, A streak of sunlight touched my eyes when I was bleak, And that ray took me way closer to what I really seek. I reached the shore with a weak heart and a strong mind, To live this Life of mine for Me instead of living for "society". Love, Ram Thilak