Employ-ability of Engineers- A Case Study

                                        I had already shown my distrust in our engineering education system (in few so-called engineering colleges not all) through my post Engineering Colleges Manufacturing Rank Producing Machines. In tune with this post, Tamil Nadu which houses second largest number of engineering colleges in the country was the bottom of the table when it came to employ-ability and  this shocking fact was published in many newspapers bringing more shame to students' pursuing engineering. I also blogged about this IT Employ-ability.. Who's Responsible??. Luckily, I got an opportunity to study more about this during my intern and did a small-scale survey. With the already available findings and with the survey results, we were able to find certain factors which influenced students to go to engineering. Though, the survey involves only a sample of 70 odd people, it does reflect the mindset of a population of students in a specific geography. My friends Saranya Prakash and Sridevi Balakrishnan were also part of this case-study.



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