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Employ-ability of Engineers- A Case Study

                                        I had already shown my distrust in our engineering education system (in few so-called engineering colleges not all) through my post  Engineering Colleges Manufacturing Rank Producing Machines . In tune with this post, Tamil Nadu which houses second largest number of engineering colleges in the country was the bottom of the table when it came to employ-ability and  this shocking fact was published in many newspapers bringing more shame to students' pursuing engineering. I also blogged about this  IT Employ-ability.. Who's Responsible?? . Luckily, I got an opportunity to study more about this during my intern and did a small-scale survey. With the already available findings and with the survey results, we were able to find certain factors which influenced students to go to engineering. Though, the survey involves only a sample of 70 odd people, it does reflect the mindset of a population of students in a specific geography. My friends Sa

Brand MSD- The Chanakya of Cricket!!

                                   MSD, an abbreviation which is well known in all cricketing circuits around the world. I've already written about Dhoni-  Power Pack Sealed in an Ice Cube  and this is probably the first time I'm writing about the same topic twice though the focus of the each of the posts vary. With all respectable trophies of International Cricket in his pocket, I feel this would be the appropriate moment to talk about a man who has revolutionized cricket within a short span of time.                                     I still remember the day, when I saw that wicket-keeper batsman with a long colored hair playing for India and hit a swashbuckling innings of 148 in Vizag against our arch rivals, Pakistan. Most of his shots were flat-batted hits and having attended cricket coaching I thought he can't sustain in the International arena without proper "technique". Then, Dhoni again surprised me with his yet another hammering innings of 183* again

Thillu Mullu spoils the Original Flavor!!

Thillu Mullu, a remake of the yesteryear film of the same title is appreciable in parts but looking as a whole, it revokes the spell the original film had cast on the audience. Obviously, Rajinikanth (in original version) is a better performer than Shiva (plays a role similar to Rajinikanth) and comparing both wouldn't be appropriate. But, I don't find Shiva as a potential actor and his performances in all the movies he's acted looks very similar. He doesn't go that extra mile, any actor must do for his movie and that routine smile on his face frankly irritates me. Reviewing about Thillu Mullu 2, the director has "changed" the screenplay to suit the current trend instead of a scene-by-scene remake which is to be appreciated. I don't know if he did this to avoid copyrights problem or it was a genuine attempt. The reason why I say this is because, the film isn't complete when you look it on-screen and only at few instances you can relate the previous

The Curse of Engineering Education!

This post is not intended to hurt any institution or any student of engineering. The words below are ramblings of an engineering student who studied in a sub-standard college and who has lost a large part of his life grumbling for having chosen engineering. I don't know how many people will have the same feeling?!. This is also an advise to students' who've passed 12th this year and who'are about to choose their courses. Make a wise choice people and don't be another victim of society, just like the student below. All the time I spent, during my engineering education, Was filled with frustration and I lost my imagination, With tension and pessimism, I nearly saw my cremation, As day-in and day-out, I doubted if I’d get my graduation. It all began after my 10 th boards, and then I was sixteen, I was made to believe that science is bliss, after advises umpteen, So was I keen to study science and joined it with curriculum unseen, But in the end I d

ElectoEmotional Chat!!

This post is submitted for "WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!" contest originated from IndiBlogger. WeChat with Anyone,Anywhere is an entertaining chat app which I feel can fill the gap of electronic communication and real-life communication. People can hide emotions and though they aren't interested in talking to a person, they can bluff words but WeChat offers an emotional chat which voice, photo sharing on the go and inimitable group chat facilities with scanned QR code to enter the group chat makes WeChat, a necessary app in all smartphones. If I had the opportunity to connect with a group of people (alive characters with a tinge of fiction) in a WeChat group they would be 1> Victor - A Nerd, who can provide information about all things in the stratosphere. In every group, you need someone smart enough to carry the group during difficult times. Though, the analogies he uses during conversation might look outlandish, it irritates the people who hear it and provi

Love-An Omnipotence Paradox!!

Chasing my shadow I thought I was walking without You, I saw my statuette in the umbra while the penumbra showed You, Only then it came to light that I'm incomplete without You, And "Alone" doesn't exist in my dictionary because of You. Many rivulets are navigating in my mind to find You, It keeps meandering searching for the entire You, All these meanders will ultimately reach the ocean of You, My thirst is quenched with salty water because it has You. On the top and bottom on my heart I've carved the face of You, Even when someone tries to break one part of You, The other part of You in turn reflects many pieces of You, This shows that inseparability is true between Me and You. Throughout my Life, I want to breathe the air You've breathed, You're the immovable object and Love is the unstoppable Force which binds Us. Love, Ram Thilak

Development Mushroomed in Established Hubs!!

In the past decade, liberalization increased the private sector participation in India thereby registering a strong economic growth. The stimulus for this rapid growth was opening up of the economy and the epicenter for investment was the metropolitan hubs of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. As a result, massive migrations from countryside happened threatening the sustainability of these cities. When the real estate development activity on these tier-I cities had reached its tipping point as an outcome of increasing operational costs and uneven development, people started resorting to the emerging hubs. Tier-II and Tier-III cities such as Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Coimbatore, Mangalore etc., came under the radar for investment activity on the real estate front and large scale townships, Special Economic Zone (SEZ's) and IT parks encircled around these towns. The economic slowdown in 2009 boomeranged the demand for real estate back to tier-I cities as developers realized tha