• B for Butterfly!!!

    This post is a part of A-Z April Challenge 2013.

    I was thinking on what to blog about for the letter 'B'.Then, as I opened the Google page today was surprised to see an interesting Google Doodle.Today, April 2nd is the birthday of Maria Sibylla Merian, a Swiss naturalist who has made significant contribution in documenting the metamorphosis of Butterfly. I dedicate this post to her posthumously.

    Underside the leaves I was lying in a shell patiently waiting,
    I broke the shell as a caterpillar and ate the place where I was laid,
    I kept eating over and over again happily in the glade,
    Shedding my skin repeatedly with the hope of flying.

    After eating enough I had to prepare for my flight,
    I then decided to shed my skin for one last time,
    I wriggled through to become a lazy bulky motionless pupa,
    I camouflaged with the leaves for another fortnight.

    Then, I went through a marvelous transformation period,
    During which my camouflaged skin started displaying colors,
    I was a little apprehensive to move in the beginning,
    But my wings started to sway and I began to move away.

    For the remaining part of my life, I was flying from flower to flower,
    Aiding as a pollinator and bringing a smile in the human eye.

    Ram Thilak


    1. A butterfly's metamorphosis always inspires me to egg on, no matter what. Butterflies represent so many things for me.

      Good one.

      Looking forward to C.

      Joy always,

      1. You are a true nature lover Susan. :D Trees, butterflies and what more in nature interests you..? I find a lot of personifications evident in your life. As Sumita said, would to happy to read your thoughts about butterflies..

    2. Nice one :) So Google is your inspiration? I should try this...wondering how I'm gonna be faring in this challenge....*shaky feet*

      Susan, how about a post on your take on butterflies and what they mean to you? Would love to read your thoughts.

      1. Ha ha :D Not always Google.. Google helps me a lot, especially in improving my vocabulary :P. All the best for the A-Z Challenge.. :) You are gonna rock..

      2. I should attempt a post on trees, butterflies, mountains. I have done enough on water.

        Soon. Soon.

      3. Def Susan :D.. I'm waiting for your posts.. Your description of Nature is always superlative..

    3. Replies
      1. Thanks a lot! Prashanth.. Nice to see you drop a comment.. Motivating.. :)

    4. Beautiful Transformation :)

      Keep smiling,



    Normanton Park, Singapore