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Z for Zero!!

Y for Youth!! Y for Yogurt!! Y for Yellow!! Y for YouTube!! Y for YamaDharmaRaja!!

X for Xerophytes!!

W for Wagon!

V for Victory!!

U for Ultra-sonogram and Umbilical Cord!!

T for Trees!!

S for Silence!!

R for Rain!!

Q for Questioning!!

P for Poetry!!

O for Online Vulnerability!!

N for Nap!!

M for Middle Class Families in India!!

L for Language!!

K For Kamal Hassan- A Personification of Art!!

J for Joy!!

I for Intuition- Helps You Create your own path!!

H for Health!!

G for Google Glasses- All info close to your eyes!!

F for Fatherhood- Often underrated!!

E for Ear- Equilibrium and Sound Detector!!

D for Doodle- An Excellent Advertising Mantra!!

C for Catharsis- Empty your Mind!!

B for Butterfly!!!

A for Amber- An Impregnable Fossil!!