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Z for Zero!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Zero, a number which needs less introduction. A number which is part of every BIT of information online we are involved with directly or indirectly; but it exists. When I decided on what to blog about for 'Z', I zeroed in on Zero.When I looked at the meaning of Zero it said "no quantity or number; naught". Probably, dictionaries are meant to provide only rational explanations and there are many things in this world which transcend this limited rational world. Zero fits into that unlimited scope where many things are limitless.People didn't understand the benefit of TWO Zeroes until it provided us with Y2K problem :P. Zero, the beginning of the Arabic Numerals and the one which sticks with the other numbers to extend it's limit. Isn't it quite strange a number, which has no value, when written at the back of a meaningful number adds more value to it?!! Zero, though has no value ensures that the

Y for Youth!! Y for Yogurt!! Y for Yellow!! Y for YouTube!! Y for YamaDharmaRaja!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. From no words to blog about for 'Y', I got a sea of words to blog about for this wonderful penultimate letter of the English alphabet. Thanks to the suggestion given from my fellow blogger. From nothing to write, I went on to write a short story(my first attempt :P) filled with 'Y' letters.And the story goes this way... There was a South Indian family residing in Chennai having four generations under one roof.The great grandfather, who had spent a larger part of his life in Jamshedpur working in TISCO was a lively man in his late nineties whiling away his time reading newspapers and talking about politics.The  grandfather was a retired Secretary from The Dock Labor Board, Old Madras. He was an interesting person to be with and plays a lot with his grandchildren.He reads whatever newspaper he comes across and comments on all decisions taken by the government.The family tree then holds a father who's into

X for Xerophytes!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. When I was thinking of what to blog about for 'X', out came another plant type to my mind; Xerophytes. Their nomenclature is so appropriate as "Xero" means Dry and "Phyte" means Plant in Greek and hence Xerophytes- plants living in dry areas are named accordingly.They are another intelligent kind of plant species and are unique in their own way.Their adaptability to the environment they are subjected to is their standout feature making them an interesting variety of plant to know about. Xerophytes which are known to most scarcely educated botanists is Cactus.Unlike other plant species, which demand a lot from the nature for their survival such as sunlight, water etc., xerophytic plants are largehearted by accepting whatever the nature offers to it. They make so many changes in their morphology, physiology to ensure that they survive to the maximum.Some of their adaptations are truly spectacular t

W for Wagon!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. This write up is about how vehicles such as wagons, automobiles, planes have influenced our lives and changed the way Man thinks. Man began his life moving from places to places by foot and spending a larger part of his life as a nomad.He used to stay in places where he could find food and water.Later, as man progressed intellectually and different civilizations across the world happened,he had a compulsion to travel to different places for different needs.As a famous proverb says ," Necessity is the mother of invention", that was when man started inventing mechanical devices to aid him in moving.Wheel is considered to be the most important invention in the history of transportation as it helped us to move from one place to another. Transportation has been changing steadily from the days man started to use carriages. Initially, animal power was used or rather exploited to help man in his transportation. Ho

V for Victory!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Victory, a word which has a lot of synonyms such as success, triumph, conquest etc., depending on the context. Victory refers to the ultimate glory one can achieve and yet this term according to me is a very fragile one. Every victory comes with an expiry date and if you want the happiness derived out of that victory to stay permanent, you have to conquer the battle you fought once again.The moment of victory and the joy in the faces of the victorious people is a wonderful sight to see but how such a temporary being be given such a lot of importance in this world? People have become obsessed with victory and every one of us want to become BIG in own respective fields. This is a good thought as all of us want to be SOMETHING in this world. But, victory being a measurable term is always a risky one to possess. All measurable terms in this world are not to be given too much thought as it creates unnecessary panic in our mind.

U for Ultra-sonogram and Umbilical Cord!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Ultra-sonogram is a medical procedure used to visualize the subcutaneous tissues by passing ultrasonic (sound beyond the human hearing capacity) waves through the skin. These waves which are beyond the human hearing capacity are the ones which are used to see the gender of the child inside the mother's womb.It makes humans to cut the umbilical cord of the child even before it's suppose to be cut.This happens when the fetus residing in the mother happily is a girl child. Female infanticide has reduced tremendously over the years which is encouraging. In India, especially after the impact Information Technology has in our lives women have grown a lot.Women have become truly empowered and their dominance in the computer sector as a workforce cannot be underrated.People prefer girls as children now considering the fact that they are more focused  and largely speaking family-oriented.By this, I'm only trying to say t

T for Trees!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Trees are something which have always made me happy. In one of my sonnets about a tree, I had mentioned tree as "a stagnant emotionless creature".Naturally, I got objections for this statement from my well wishers and tree lovers. I'm a tree lover too and so I sat under a tree again to see if I've failed to understand something about my love. Looking closely, I observed that the tree provided me with the maximum shade though the sun was shining brightly over my head. I didn't feel the heat under the tree but another scientific fact popped into my head at that point of time.All leaves in the tree are arranged according to the principle of photo-tropism.This means that every leaf in the tree "arranges itself" in a way by which they could get maximum sunlight.What made the leaves in the tree to change their course of growth? If the leaves can't THINK then every leaf on the tree will die and

S for Silence!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Silence has of late become a forbidden territory in our lives. Our world now has become really fast with  buzzing sound of the vehicles, jarring sound of the ringtones, rocking radio in our ears and a lot more insignificant sounds surrounds us every day.In the midst of all this cacophony, we ride our lives continuously floating on these noise waves. We may think we are riding fast but how far are we going to reach at this speed is the BIG question. Patience and Peace have lost their meaning in this NEW racing world. When I bring physics into this topic, I have to speak about momentum of an object. Our body is the mass and we are constantly moving at a velocity.The end result is that we become an open system who are always in a hurry.We lose the "inner momentum of our mind" as a result of this attitude.This is because we conserve our momentum only when the system is calm and closed.The impetus with which we are mov

R for Rain!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013. Rain brings overflowing joy in the faces of any human especially if you're a person residing in the tropical region :P. Having grown in a city like Chennai, it feels like furnace during peak summers and an intermittent rain during these long summers is of great relief for the earth and for people.Rain which is said as the purest form of water ensures that life on earth continues though we humans have done numerous things to harm nature's cycle.Plants which sing for the rain gods to shower their blessing on earth have to be planted more.Even the smallest leaf to the biggest tree, all green leaves sing together in chorus to make themselves happy with a taste of pure water and in turn making animals on earth happy as well. Lets plant more trees to increase the longevity of our planet!! Love, Ram Thilak

Q for Questioning!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. When I started thinking on what to blog for 'Q', instantly a "Question" popped into my mind. So, what's there in a "question" was another question which followed. When I sat down to blog about this I found this topic has got the most things to write about. Interestingly the questioning nature of our mind, which can also be called as curiosity is one characteristic which decrements as we grow in the case of most people. A child asks more questions always when compared to an adult.Why do we lose the curiosity to learn more? I remember a Steve Jobs quote here which aptly defines our mindsets when we grow old."When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money.  But that’s a very limited life. Life can be much broade

P for Poetry!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Had dedicated this poem to a friend of mine long back.She happens to be my birthday twin. Hope she doesn't mind me posting this online :D. God presented you to me electronically, From there on we got connected emotionally, Days passing by our amity got stronger exponentially, Now you're meandering through my mind inevitably. Your presence fetches a new feeling of happiness, Which always is the medicine for my loneliness, Steadily you made me reduce my timidness, It had indirectly increased my thoughtfulness. The sanctity of our relationship is as pure as rain, We have to protect it constantly not allowing it to drain. Love, Ram Thilak

O for Online Vulnerability!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Being online has become synonymous to breathing nowadays with people spending a lot of time in the internet. There are lots of debates about the pros and cons of the Internet and the social media. Any coin has both sides and hence I don't want to talk a lot about it. The more passive bug growing now is the amount of online data about "YOU" stored in the internet.Though, most of the websites present a big "Terms and Conditions" statement before you provide your details to them, a large number of people don't have the patience to read it. When we are navigating through the computer at a rapid pace, most of us don't read the contents properly. A lot of websites offer you privacy settings yet the data about you is never erased. This might look like a small glitch now but as it grows the impact of this will cause you a lot of worry. Every content online, unless or otherwise properly protecte

N for Nap!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013. Nap is something which everyone must feel especially after a heavy lunch. For someone who has a tight weekday schedule sleeping only for 6 hours and running against time; a nap in his weekend provides the best rejuvenation.I enjoy sleeping for an hour or two in the afternoon which helps me do all the remaining activities of the day happily.The nap energizes your mind, body and also the soul if you ask me. Sleep which in accordance to textbook definition may refer to a "physical inactivity"  but according to me it's the most important activity for anyone.Almost all depressive disorders are caused as a result of disproportionate sleep in comparison to the sleep of a normal human being.Even physics says that, "When a body is continuously in a state of motion, then it deteriorates at some point of time.It also needs a period of rest or inactivity."The same applies to human beings who need to have a nap during

M for Middle Class Families in India!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. The middle class families in India form the larger part of the population in India.There are divisions among them called as well such as Lower and Upper middle class. I don't know much about the middle class families in other countries but in India I find them as the reservoirs of development considering their hunger to grow more and earn a lot of money.I don't come to say that the poor don't earn money, but when compared with them the middle class are more desperate to jump to higher sections of society. India is growing at a fast pace on paper yet the disparity among the rich and the poor is rising every day.The middle class who are caught in between this difference of incomes are always sunk in a state of ambiguity.Generally, middle class parents find good EDUCATION as the only way to climb up the ladder to reach the higher sections of society.They spend a lot of their savings for education with the hope

L for Language!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013. Language, the medium or the platform through which most of us communicate. This word language has influenced me so much in my life and I've always had an incessant liking for languages and love to learn a lot. Being a learner in computer science, I'm also suppose to learn lot of computing languages as well which is cool :D. I've been exposed to English largely throughout my school and college days. Hindi, my national language was also added to my syllabus.I chose to learn Sanskrit in my higher secondary days.It was a magical language given it's rhythmic nature and it's unique ability to read a sentence either-wise yet hold the same meaning.Though, Sanskrit doesn't have a speaking population it is still somehow surviving.In India, the mantras are all in Sanskrit and in all festive occasions mantras are chanted keeping this lovely language alive. English- the billion word+ language has always been my favorit

K For Kamal Hassan- A Personification of Art!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013. Kamal Hassan, one of the thespians of Indian Cinema has craved a place for himself right from his childhood.He is one such artist who has grown up being in the cinema circles and has cultivated varied interests and mastered most of the facets of cinema he has learnt. Though, largely people address him as an actor; Kamal Hassan is also an excellent choreographer, make-up artist, singer, lyric writer, dialogue writer, director and he's still learning more. What surprises me the most is that he's cultivated varied interests yet he's excelled in all his interests.This can be achieved only when someone truly loves something and Kamal Hassan is one such person who's madly in love in cinema. Over the years, Kamal Hassan has matured as an actor experimenting into various genres. Kamal always wants to give a "very personal touch" to all his movies which began especially after he took up production as well.Con

J for Joy!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. Joy can be perfect only when it's shared. Animals of different kind even accommodate themselves, Why can't we Homo sapiens adjust ourselves, be a little flexible and enjoy the joy of sharing.. :D :D Here I would also like to mention Charles Darwin's Theory of "Survival of the Fittest". "One who adapts and adjusts to the situation survives the most.Not the one who's the strongest or the one who's the most intelligent.Adaptability, flexibility to the environment we are put forth to matters the most." Love, Ram Thilak

I for Intuition- Helps You Create your own path!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging April 2013 Challenge. The other day there was a debate session held in my class and the topic of discussion was a bizarre one. I love insightful conversations and this turned out to be one such thing.The debate was on the topic, "Choice is an illusion- Agree or Disagree". I was stunned when I heard this and agreed "Choice is an illusion" without any hesitation. In topics like these, arriving at a single conclusion cannot be done as individual perceptions largely vary.I register my arguments here which I spoke that day. I held on firmly with my persistence on "Intuition" as the key factor for anyone to decide on something.Even for an MCQ, I trust my mind little and my gut more :P ( Most students use this :D; famous mantra being Inky-Pinky-Ponky :P) . The biggest problem with choice is that with every choice there is an inherent invisible expectation sticking with it.This expectation is a dangerous parasite which will

H for Health!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogger April 2013 Challenge. Veggies can offer the best health content always and anytime.. :D Love, Ram Thilak

G for Google Glasses- All info close to your eyes!!

This post is a part of A-Z April 2013 Challenge. Google Glass is an upcoming technology where all the information about your daily activities is presented right in front of your eyes. Though, Google glass will definitely simplify the way we interact with people and can make ubiquitous computing a reality, I fear this project will further reduce human interaction with their own race. Eyes portray immense exquisite detail of human emotions and if Google Glass is used by everyone, I feel we might use the eyes only for our information access and lose the emotional aspect of it. Albert Einstein once said, "I fear the day when technology might take over human interaction."Probably, we are leading towards it. Love, Ram Thilak

F for Fatherhood- Often underrated!!

This post is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2013. The role of a father in the metamorphosis of a child from it's infant stages to a fully grown individual is very crucial. The mother's part in the child's growth cannot be undermined but that doesn't mean the part played by the father is less.Literature and other art forms have largely portrayed motherhood higher and rarely does the role of a father been stressed upon. Naturally, the mother who bears the child is emotionally and physically attached but the father is the one who craves the child into a beautiful sculpture. I've been exposed mostly to my Indian Culture and here it's usually said that the father is the rigid, strict person who takes care of the finance of the house and ensures that child grows properly while the mother takes care of the child very personally. As years progress, the child-mother bonding becomes very stronger and the child mostly conclude that mom is the best person to be

E for Ear- Equilibrium and Sound Detector!!

I was cleaning my cupboard and out came a diagram of the Human Ear popping out from a corner. I had stored this small diagram for which I had taken pains to draw during my school days as a fond memory. Our body keeps fascinating me every day with the amount of work it does with fine precision. So, when the letter 'E' popped in as the topic today, I chose ear which popped out of my cupboard. Eye is an organ which has always been in the limelight when it comes to facial features.Eye displays immense detail and expressions which none of the digital devices could replicate. The ear at the sides is often neglected.Ear is only considered as an organ which detects sound but it's also the organ which maintains our body balance.Many non-science students are unaware of this fact. The legs and the spinal cord help us stand straight but the ears ensure that our balance is maintained. What fascinates me the most is the anatomy of the ear and the parts involved in maintaining

D for Doodle- An Excellent Advertising Mantra!!

This post is a part of A-Z Challenge April 2013. I was searching on what to blog about for 'D' and yet again Google came as my inspiration. Google Doodles is an attractive marketing tactic used by Google to promote their search Engine. Google, as an organization has always impressed me and keeps surprising me daily with their bizarre interesting doodles. Playing with a company logo is something which most professional organizations with a traditional mindset would disagree.But, Google has made people step into their website just to see abstractly drawn logos of their billion-dollar company thereby capturing people's hearts using a different route.These things make Google special.Another aspect is that the doodle doesn't follow a specific pattern such as birthday's only, festivals only etc., which might bore people.Some unknown important historic events have been brought to fore by Google's Doodles which needs appreciation.Some of the doodles have animation

C for Catharsis- Empty your Mind!!

This post is a part of A-Z Challenge April 2013. There are different interpretations for the word "Catharsis" ranging from drama, to art and even in medicine.Some of the twentieth century artists refer to catharsis as an "intellectual purification" and doctors persist with their definition of "restoration of normal mental health by providing cathartic treatment". But, summing up all the definitions of catharsis I found that everything focused on "cleansing your mind" which happens to be the most important aspect of Catharsis. Summing up, lets conclude Catharsis as a method of cleansing our mind by using extreme methods to restore normalcy in our body. It revitalizes our own self both internally and externally thereby giving a feeling of rejuvenation post catharsis. The people of the current age are happy to hide their emotions.Though, there are different platforms to share and express projecting themselves as "Happy Always People&

B for Butterfly!!!

This post is a part of A-Z April Challenge 2013. I was thinking on what to blog about for the letter 'B'.Then, as I opened the Google page today was surprised to see an interesting Google Doodle.Today, April 2nd is the birthday of Maria Sibylla Merian, a Swiss naturalist who has made significant contribution in documenting the metamorphosis of Butterfly. I dedicate this post to her posthumously. Underside the leaves I was lying in a shell patiently waiting, I broke the shell as a caterpillar and ate the place where I was laid, I kept eating over and over again happily in the glade, Shedding my skin repeatedly with the hope of flying. After eating enough I had to prepare for my flight, I then decided to shed my skin for one last time, I wriggled through to become a lazy bulky motionless pupa, I camouflaged with the leaves for another fortnight. Then, I went through a marvelous transformation period, During which my camouflaged skin started displaying colors, I w

A for Amber- An Impregnable Fossil!!

This post is a part of A-Z April Challenge 2013. Amber, this term is often directed instantly to the color it holds. But archaeologists and historians may disregard this conclusion of referring amber only as a color. I was particularly fascinated about amber when I read about it in an Encyclopedia Book, way back during my school days.I saw a picture of an ant caught in an amber resin and over the years the resin has hardened to become a stone.The ant however has not decayed, still retaining it's physical properties.The content under the picture went this way, "This stone holds the fossil of an ant which is around 40 million years old".I didn't understand what a fossil was that day but instantly fell in love with the color of amber, which made me read that page about amber when I a child.But how can an ant stay without getting decayed for 40 million years? This question kept lingering in my mind. As I grew up, I started learning more about the properties of amber