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Rhythms for a melodious body!!

When it happened? On a Sunday afternoon, I was curling around my bed hazily still thinking whether to wake up after my alarm has snoozed 5 times. My brother was watching television and a song started playing. I didn't visually see the song but I was able to recollect every lyric of that old song even when I was half asleep. At that moment, I thought How was my mind able to remember such specific details of a film song when I was breaking my heads in learning my lessons :P?. Some might say, INTEREST as the differentiating factor which is partially correct but there is some more science in it. So, when I slowly started learning more about it, I  found something very interesting. I'm not aware if anyone else has also observed it.The ultimate differentiating factor was not completely interest as most teachers put it, it's also the SOUND. The sound here which I refer to is only the rhythmic sound not the loud jarring cacophony. That is why even though we get to hear prolific

Romancing a Tree!!

Sitting under the shadow of the tree, I was overshadowed by your imagery spree, You gently swayed across with the breeze, To ease my mind and subtly make your face freeze. You gave me warmth by absorbing the Sun's monotony , You also gave me tranquility by absorbing the cacophony, You even gave me oxygen to fuel my pulmonary, The foliage displayed your face thus increasing our affinity. Your tender smooth limbs was in the stable roots near me, Your free flowing hair was in the oscillating branches near me, And I saw your eyes in every leaflet surrounding me, The atmosphere was warm but I felt you were melting inside me. I never knew a stagnant emotionless tree could display so much of you, But on that day I understood that you're omnipresent inside my radius. Love, Ram Thilak

Migrating with a Guiding Light!!

This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club's Wordless Wednesday, a series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging. This pic was clicked on the Horizons of Marina with nebulous clouds covering the Sun. The birds are migrating on the arrival of winter creating wonderful patterns on the sky. My eyes were able to capture this artistic marvel and my hands were fast enough to record it! :D  Submitted to CBC for Wordless Wednesday themed series. Love, Ram Thilak.

How can Cricket trigger a STIFFER HRC against Sri-Lanka?

The recent measure taken by the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) to restrict Sri-Lankan players from participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) citing that "it would surge the crowd's anger in Chennai" is senseless.Before blogging about this, I make one statement loud and clear "I'm not a supporter of the 'violence' that happened in Sri-Lanka but should CRICKET be compromised in an move to show disgust? is my question" Being a resident of Chennai, considered to be one of the peaceful cities in India I feel the protests have gone a little overboard.The involvement of students( referring only to those who fought with purpose) in protests which caught the eyes of the government is respectful but showcasing antipathy to all Sri-Lankan people is unacceptable.When a Sri-Lankan umpire came for a match in Chennai, there were a few roars in the crowd against him which I consider as "an immature behavior."Now, the step taken by th

Economies and Realities!!!

I like debating and one of our classroom debates on "FDI. If it's necessary or not?" made me write this post. The debaters spoke a lot about the economic aspects of FDI, its advantages and disadvantages.I registered my opinions as well. Never knew a casual informal classroom debate would motivate me in writing a post?!. Well, actually another associated event compelled me to write this post. I travel by bus to reach my college which is 40 odd kilometers from my place of residence.On the way back from college, I saw an old lady in Shenoy Nagar Market, Chennai selling lemons. A man asked her for 5 lemons and instantly started bargaining with her (Can he bargain in a supermarket?! :D :/ I thought!). After all negotiations, she convinced him to buy the lemon for 4 rupees and placed her hand on the plastic covers. Her constantly shaking hands was unable to remove one plastic cover from a set from covers sticked together. After numerous failed attempts, she finally gave the

Women's Day Special!!!

Women have been portrayed highly in arts and literature and at least most part of it exemplifies them for beauty, motherhood, kindness and goodness.Very few of these appraisals about women were focused on showcasing women as a competitor in the male dominant society.With my limited knowledge about literary works, I was able to arrive at this bizarre conclusion though I'm not sure if I'm wholly right.We have few instances in literature where woman are mentioned as a powerful force and "Men without Women" can't exist in the world but apart from that to my knowledge, I feel woman, though powerful have largely been subdued both in writing and in reality. Overview:  I'm going to reflect my thoughts focusing on the necessary change required in the mindsets of women to mark the International Women's Day today. First of all, women who are homemakers, running errands for their children, doing chores and who think about family welfare should never consider them