I, Me and My Mom!!!

With closed eyes and a palpitating heart I was securely floating,
Deep inside my mother's womb less sure about everything,
Then, I sadly stepped into this world with a spell of crying,
But soon my Mother's warmth curtailed my tearful beginning.

I slowly began to see all around me lying under her arm,
She always brought happiness to me with her incessant charm,
She constantly ensured that I'm not left behind with any qualm,
Creeping under her shadow always kept me warm.

Under your thoughtful upbringing, I began to rise steadily,
Failure did come near me at times but I kept pushing hardly,
For every progress I made, I saw her smile immensely,
And I wish to keep that curve on her face permanently.

Reciprocating the love you've shown would take me more than a lifetime,
Hence, I end with an understatement "You're irreplaceable MOM."

Your ever-loving son,
Ram Thilak


  1. Mother - the person who loves us the most and whom we love the most :)
    Beautiful post :)

  2. Thanks for your appreciation Kaushik... :)

  3. wow i loved the poem... no one can replace amma.. she is the one in our life :D

  4. nice poem on mother .pll read this too...http://itsarchana.com/poems/%E0%A4%AE%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%81/


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