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Digital Culture must also have a human touch!!!

We are in the digital world!!... All around us are digitized..(The television which was left analog till now has also been asked to be digitized :P :D :D) People have become slaves to the technology which was created by us.I remember a dialogue from 3 Idiots which goes this way, Professor asks "What is a machine(or technology)?" and the student replies, "Anything that reduces human effort is called a machine." But considering the way in which our lives are going now, I fear the day when 'human' is totally lost from that statement. In the present world, TIME is considered is an invaluable resource yet most of us waste it in front of useless things in the digital world instead of engaging in human interaction. Lets take an example to go deeper into this growing digital culture. Camera was invented to capture moments of our life that brings us happiness every time we see it.30 years earlier, a photo or a video was restricted to festive occasions and function

Thuppaki hits Bull's eye!!!

Thuppaki, the much-hyped action thriller movie, written and directed by A R Muragadoss keeps the expectations intact by proving to be a worthy gift for this Diwali.The film which has an ensemble cast of high-quality technicians like Santhosh Sivan(cinematographer) and Sreekar Prasad(Editing) was a big positive for Thuppaki.Both these specialists have showcased their prowess and made Thuppaki a visual treat.Apart from this, the film also rides comfortably on the sensible screenplay of A R Muragadoss and Vijay's mass-hero cult status. The plot of the movie has Jagdish(Vijay), an army officer who comes home for his holiday to Mumbai. His parents then rush him for bride-viewing ceremony where he meets Nisha(Kajal Agarwal).He finds her traditional and rejects her.Then, he comes to know that she's a boxer and a bold woman.Having known this, he runs behind her to make her accept him.Meanwhile, when Jagdish and police officer Balaji(Sathyan) were traveling in a metropolitan bus, the

Teachers sculpt kiddos into pros!!!

This blog post will remain close to my heart forever. Its about TEACHERS. Teachers are the ones who work beyond their capacity to give their best for the students. They are one of the most selfless creatures on earth who derive happiness from the achievements of their students. Although they are paid for what they do, inculcating knowledge without involvement will not prove useful. Hence, most teachers love their job and that's what produces smart students. From my childhood, I've been blessed to have some of the best teachers. They've inspired me, motivated me, guided me and even taught me on how to lead a healthy life. Though, I'm doing my UG now I still remember the teachers I had during my KG!! :P. Not all teachers I remember but there are a few whom I call as 'impact teachers' who will never fade from my memory.The first teacher in the stack is Mrs.Parvathy in Saraswathi Vidyalaya where I did my KG.Having trust in my memory, I guess she taught me Engli