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Maattrraan- Hard Work not Utilized to Full Extent...

Maattrran starring Suriya as conjoined twins and Kajal Agarwal came with a lot of holla and promotion but finally ended without satisfying the fans wholly. Yet again, Kollywood has adopted scientific themes with masala elements which is distressing as both don't go together well. Though, there are many positives from this movie when considering all the aspects of the movie it didn't meet up to the hype it created. The plot of the movie involves Ramachandran(Sachin Khedekar) who has not got due respect and credit for his research in genetic engineering. The birth of conjoined twins Vimalan and Akilan (both played by Suriya himself) who have only one heart is one of Ramachandran's experiments in baby designing which turns out to be unsuccessful and hence they are born as conjoined twins. Just like all stereotype Tamil movies, the baby boys grow into adults in a song!! Meanwhile, Ramachandran begins a company called Locus Lacto Products and makes huge profits through a pro

Thaandavam- Could have been terrific, But..

Thaandavam, the film starring Vikram, Anushka Shetty, Lakshmi Rai, Amy Jackson, Naaser directed by A.L Vijay is rich with stardom and hype but didn't quench the expectations it created. The movie is inspired by the concept of human echolocation could have been crafted differently to make it a great film. The director must ensure that the usual stereotype is not adopted when making films with scientific concepts. I still don't know how long will our directors stick to the same two and a half hour duration film with five songs. Very few directors come out of this cliche and give fast paced movies.   Coming to Thaandavam, the movie kick starts with a flash back about the bomb blast which occurred about a year ago. Then, Kenny (Vikram) begins his sequel of murders even though he is blind.Following this, comes the introduction of Sarah(Amy Jackson) in a pageant along with a song.She aspires to become Miss Universe and during the process of improving her social profile she meets K

The Drama of Life!!!

Life is filled with tussles and puzzles, These hassles are the ones which drives us, Through a pointless journey with anticipation, Of reaching a delightful destination before salvation. Not all times in life can one be nice to everyone, Taking wise decisions will put shackles to someone, Memories like these are silently vivid in every one's conscience, Because no soul on this planet is absolutely impeccable. Most of us are hidden amid-st these dramas of life, Yet for every action our mind finds an evidence, To inform this fictitious world that "I'm" right, Not understanding that sometime everything will go out of sight. Besides all these, every birth on earth has a hidden meaning; And it can only be known when you start counting your blessings.  Love, Ram Thilak