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Can Healthy Advertisements be made possible??

                                                 The history of advertising has been immemorial starting from the word of mouth advertising, followed by print advertising in newspapers and finally digital age advertising using television and internet.  Advertising has been used by many companies to reach the end consumers and to persuade them to use their products or services. Nowadays, advertising has become prevalent in almost all the activities surrounding us starting from reading a newspaper in the morning, using the internet and posters while traveling across roads. By making that product to stay within our sight, they play with the psychology of the human mind which drives the consumers to try that product.                                                  The awareness about a new product which enters a market cannot be made without intensive advertising. Most companies today largely focus only on promotion of the product rather than the quality of the product/service. They fa

A Letter To GOD!!

Before I was born on this earth, I was floating in my mother's womb securely adjusting buoyancy. My heart started ticking rhythmically as I stepped into this world. It was the time when I first transmitted love to every single person who saw me by making them SMILE!!.                                                    But when I began to face this world independently, problems started to fly around me defying gravity. I was slowly sinking in the quagmire of difficulties. I shouted for help silently, deep inside my heart but none was able to decode my pain.But when your (GOD) footprint was registered in my life, a new sense of belief coupled with joy filled my heart transcending all my pains. The tranquility I saw in your eyes, the wisdom I got from your words, the confidence I observed in your walk everything instilled the faith that you are the person who has the potency to save me from the quagmire.                                                  You kept my faith intact,

Hurting yourself is height of stupidity!!!

Of late, it has become very common to see people hurt them self. The present generation in which I'm also part of, is always in search of a life which is built in a bed of roses. They want everything in their life to be pleasant and peaceful without any problems. They fail to understand that problems are the ones which ultimately makes our life challenging and by solving a problem we get peace and then life becomes pleasant temporarily. People of all ages, all sections of the society are facing troubles in their respective lives but only the type of the issue differs. Self-pity is the seed which makes people go to the extent of hurting themselves. When encountered with a problem, they consider themselves as the most unluckiest person in this whole world and start mourning inside their mind. As I've said earlier, they can share their pain to someone close to them but they even consider that as bothering others in their problem. This is the reason why God created a wond