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From School to College!!!

I'm doing my UG now but still when I think about the days when I was doing KG, that thought excites me. Though, I've studied in three schools during my school education each one of them has left me an everlasting memory to remember.The time spent at school is without doubt the best phase of life for any student. The teachers both teach the lessons and mold the kids as responsible future citizens of the country. The kids learn with fun at school till the so called board exams step in :P Its a great feeling at school to see the kids playing innocently in the grounds and fighting for things which might look petty for us. The kids stand together for the group photo every year filled with lots of expectations. Most kids don't know the meaning of a friend, but they fight to stand near the student they like the most. They pour infinite love on with anyone they talk. Learning was fun and they enjoyed seeing each other grow. When the students were ignorant of all the bad things i

Saguni- The Name Speaks For Itself

Saguni, which stars Karthi, Pranitha and Santhanam is said to be a political drama but its a total non-sense movie.Directed by Shankar Dayal, the story has a lot of loopholes, the screenplay is absolutely ruthless and even the music by G.V Prakash Kumar fails to catch the audience's interests.The background score by GVP also doesn't gel with the script. The film begins with the death of the current CM acted by Chandra Mohan because of a political plot by Bhupathi(Prakash Raj) to get the CM post. Meanwhile, Kamala Kannan (Karthi) who hails from Karaikudi comes to Chennai to save his ancestral home as the Government has decided to take over it for the railway project.He comes across a lot of political people and their subordinates who gives false promises to him that they'll help him out in this problem. After a certain stage he's fed up with them and the remaining part of the film is about how he fights against them and saves his ancestral home. The so-called heroin

Urumi- An Example of Quality Cinema

Urumi, a Malayalam historical film is based on the warriors who wanted to kill Vasco da Gama.Directed by Santhosh Sivan, this film has all the ingredients necessary to be categorized as a legendary movie. Urumi also mesmerizes the audience with its technical finesse and awesome characterization making it "a must watch" movie. The movie begins with what most of us have learnt in our history books; The Portuguese Exploration into India by Vasco da Gama in search of spices and minerals.Then, the scene shifts to present day Goa where Krishna Das (Prithviraj) comes to know that the lease period of his ancestral property in Kerala has lapsed and a multinational company offers him an advance to buy that property.There are some tribal people still living in that area in Kerala and when Krishna Das comes there he's kidnapped by them.The tribal chief Thangachan (Arya) explains to Krishna Das that he's a descendant of Chirakkal Kelu Nayakar and narrates to him the entire

Be a Witness to all of Life's Happenings!!

I'm not a person who has seen everything in life but each day as I wake up, Life amazes me. I had an interesting conversation with my mom yesterday about life. During the conversation, I realized that the reason for most of the troubles we face in life is because we link ourselves to life's happenings beyond its worth.Most people tell me, if you live each day devoid of expectations and live for the moment, your life will be awesome.But practically speaking, expecting is a human quality and you can't restrain your mind from expecting things. So, will life always remain as an unsolved question? Not exactly. Everyday, we come across many happenings both good and bad. There are some things which affect us deeply and some doesn't. Being happy for a good happening and being dejected for a bad one is a rational human emotion.Not all good things provide you the same excitement and not all bad things depress you equally. Then, what is the reason behind varied human reactions?

Candlelight- An Unsung Hero!!!

You need a spark to make you glow, But after glowing you share your light aglow, You always fly high to reach the sky, Even when you don't reach there, you never give up your try. When the Sun sets people need your light, They all see only your light while you melt, Dispelling darkness by burning yourself is your character, Helping others without expecting reciprocation makes you wiser. Troubles in different forms always comes to take You to graveyard, Whatever the difficulty may be, You will fight till the very end, If air flows fast, you fight against it stealthily, If water pours on You, You flicker but never get off easily. You are the one who leads everyone from darkness to light, You are the unsung hero Candlelight. Love, Ram Thilak..

A Modern Day Indian Girl...

Ancient Indian women were restricted of all their rights in the name of customs and traditions. After the penetration of western culture, many things have changed and the way in which women look at their lives has also changed. Having spent my entire teen in South India, certain regulations followed here are very healthy for the upbringing of our society. Though, there are many things which needs change immediately, many customs followed are encouraging to make India into a safe place for women. The statistics also supports this, considering the fact that the number of girls pursing their professional education in streams such as engineering and medicines has been increasing year after year. When education is given and when women fight for their basic rights, those ought to be given to them. But nowadays, women have also started stepping into pubs and started smoking cigarettes saying, 'When Men do it, why can't we??' Aping the West in attires, in the way they speak a