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Half-Life of an Engineering Student...

Its been two years since I joined into an engineering college and I chose a course for which I had lots of passion for. Like every other student, I was expecting a lots of fun and happiness in my college life. After completing nearly 24 theory papers and 12 practical papers, when I look back to see what I've learnt I can't give a convincing answer. I don't know if the same situation persists with everyone..?! In the last 700 days of my life, I've learnt a lot of life lessons when compared to engineering lessons. I've gone through people exhibiting different characters according to situations, learnt to push and distance myself with people around me and many more which has moulded my emotional quotient well in comparison to intellectual quotient :D College life is one of the most fragile phases of life and needs to be handled with utmost care and when this is done you will become a masterpiece... :) Not to miss, I've also learnt to get up before sunrise on