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Trees- The Best Simile for Human Life

Study holidays for an Engineering student happens to best time for contemplation (both technical learning and life learning). When I was sitting alone in a park and thinking, I found an interesting comparison between trees and human life which goes this way.Trees, which is a rarity in urban areas happen to teach human the best lessons of life.I'm also inclined a lot to biology so used a lot of biological terms, please bear with me :P. -> First of all, to reach great heights we have to keep struggling constantly.Similarly, to grow tall,  the roots of the trees keeps fighting against the soil (Geo tropism) .The deeper the struggle is, the taller the tree grows. -> Every tree keeps in mind of the Sun when it grows.The dream of every tree is to reach the sun and get its light.Though, the reality is that no tree reaches the sun still everyday it tries to reach the sun (photo tropism).In the same way, we have to set high standards for ourselves and keep working towards it with

Nothing Defies Change!!!

There is nothing in this life which defies change, What looks impressive today may look dirty tomorrow, Though now we have many mediums of exchange, It has not decreased the amount of sorrow. Everything around us now is filled with radiation, It has only paved way to reduce the affection, Electronically, we do have multiple connection, But emotionally it has only led to frustration. Fear can spoil everything in life without a reason, But there's nothing in this planet without a solution, Always have a soul to convey every information, Sharing your problems helps you in contemplation. After all accepting change is the only way to move on, And there are miles of changes to accept before we sleep..... Love, Ram Thilak

3 Review- Starts Well but...

3- a romantic thriller written and directed by Aishwarya Dhanush is impressive in parts but doesn't meet the expectations it created prior to its release. In comparison to the usual romantic films which Tamil Cinema has seen so far, 3 is definitely different from the usual.For a director with her debut film, Aishwarya deserves a lot of praise for her screenplay and characterisation. The story involves three stages of love between Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruthi Hassan). The first 50 minutes of the film is top class which portrays the calf love between the two. Dhanush reminds us of his "Thulluvado Ellamai" days and Shruthi Hassan has also acted well in these scenes.After this, the film enters into a lull and the subsequent scenes are also slow which plays with audience's patience.The third part in which Ram hides that he's suffering from Bipolar Disorder problem to Janani is also very slow with many scenes being redundant.The number of characters on screen in