Success has only one definition that is the ability to lead your life in your own way!!!!

“........The most important thing about success is to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. ” -Steve Jobs

                                            THE KEYS TO SUCCESS IS WITH YOU!!!!!!! 
These words of Steve Jobs clearly defines that success is achieved by people who have a strong belief in their ideologies. The following essay of mine on success has only one definition that is the ability to lead your life in your own way supports this thought.

                           There are many persons who held strongly to their beliefs even when people resented against them. One such person who comes to my mind first is Mahatma Gandhi. When the whole world was using weapons to fight against each other, Gandhi used non-violence as a weapon and played a pivotal role in Indian independence. His trust in his methods made him achieve success.

                            When it comes to cricket, the World Cup winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is another person who trusts his abilities. His style of batting was off the beaten track and was badly criticized by the media initially. He didn't succumb to the voice of the critics and later made his style as a trademark for him. His temperament and irrevocable spirit made him guide his team to life the World Cup.

                            From the above examples, its clear that when you follow your heart and never get it influenced by external factors success is yours. Henceforth, people who reach the pinnacle of success are the ones who have the ability to lead their lives in their own way.


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