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Success has only one definition that is the ability to lead your life in your own way!!!!

“........The most important thing about success is to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. ” -Steve Jobs                                              THE KEYS TO SUCCESS IS WITH YOU!!!!!!!  These words of Steve Jobs clearly defines that success is achieved by people who have a strong belief in their ideologies. The following essay of mine on success has only one definition that is the ability to lead your life in your own way supports this thought.                            There are many persons who held strongly to their beliefs even when people resented against them. One such person who comes to my mind first is Mahatma Gandhi. When the whole world was using weapons to fight against each other, Gandhi used non-violence as a weapon and played a pivotal role in Indian independence. His trust in his methods made him achieve success.                             When it comes to cricket, the World Cup w

IT Employ-ability: Who's Responsible??

Last Friday, on March 2nd there was an article in "The Hindu" which concluded based on a study that TN Graduates were placed at the bottom of the IT employ-ability list. I was amazed reading this considering the fact that TN has the second most number of engineering colleges in India, the first being Andhra Pradesh. On researching about this, I found some interesting aspects about in this study. First of all, TN graduates who are pursuing their under graduation are mostly into colleges which curtail their freedom of thought. Most of these colleges are run by people who think college education has to be in a school-like manner with regular classes and the chalk-talk method. The students are bored of this as the faculty are not properly trained to take the classes in an interactive way and in most hours are gone sleeping :P. Though, these colleges are technologically equipped they don't put to use the available resources. Even when the student wants to go beyond the te