• Marginal Memories!!!

    This is the poem I wrote for the Poetry Writing Competition in our college.A modified version of my previous sonnet "You Beautify My World"

    When I start thinking,you magnify my thoughts,
    When I crave for something,you satisfy my wants,
    When I'm stuck with a problem,you clarify my confusions,
    When I'm overflowing with joy,you amplify my happiness.

    When I start doing unique things,you identify my talents,
    When I keep the first step,you fructify my efforts,
    When I fight with someone,you justify my arguments,
    When I reach the pinnacle,you glorify my success.

    When I'm filled with pain,you liquefy my sorrows,
    When a threat approaches me,you nullify my fears,
    When a drop flows down on my chin,you stupefy my cries,
    When I'm drowned into troubles,you rectify my worries.

    I see God in you, in that way, you dignify my life,
    On the whole, you beautify my world.

    Ram Thilak

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