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KSY- In Tune with time...:) :)

Kadhalil Sodappuvadhu Yeppadi (KSY) is movie based on the short film on the same title.This movie is doing well is the box office and deserves it.It has Siddharth as Arun and Amala Paul as Parvathi doing the lead roles. The movie is the form of a narration given by the hero Arun (Siddharth) about his break-up with his girlfriend Parvathi.Expanding a short film into a full-fledged feature film is difficult but the debutant director Balaji Mohan has done very well to make it interesting.There are lot of positives in this flick.The first aspect is the characterization.I feel every character in this film has gelled into it and it stands out in this movie.The screenplay is the next positive.Though, the movie is based on a common concept at no point of the movie you get bored.Most of the incidents portrayed (in fact all !! ) can be easily related in real life.Some of the dialogues of this movie really makes us think. One dialogue goes this way, "Big problems in life can be solved by

Media and Cricket !!!

News and electronic media in India (as I witness it every day) especially has become increasingly biased towards good performance in sports every time they play. Cricket, which is popularly called as the unofficial national game of India is often the easy prey for media criticism. In India, cricket is seen more of an entertainment than of a sport.In movies, people want every actor to perform exceedingly well in every movie he acts.If he fails to do this, he is badly criticized and at times even thrown out of the industry. We can't compare silver screen with sports, as in the latter you are not wholly responsible for the outcomes of your action.In a team game like cricket, there are many factors beyond your control which may go against you and you may eventually lose the game. What makes me more upset is the fact that media nowadays are creating sensations even in sports. They ask ridiculous questions in press conferences which affects the morale of the team.Once the team memb

Being A Modern Indian Parent !!!!

India, a country filled with innumerable traditions,customs,rituals and practices has been the epicenter of globalization.This concept has without doubt taken our country forward economically and we are progressing aggressively towards the developed status.Every modern child has grown seeing a globalized India coupled with the age of the internet, the way in which they see the world is very different. Children nowadays are very outspoken and confident.They are no longer a dumb introvert after social networks were started.Everyone wants to crave a niche for themselves as they want to project themselves well in their social circle.When the child becomes teens, the sudden surge of energies makes them to rebel against their parents.This is the most fragile phase in anyone's life which has to be handled with immense care by every parent.They expect their parents to give freedom and identity to their children.When their expectations are not fulfilled then problems arise at once.Teen

Marginal Memories!!!

This is the poem I wrote for the Poetry Writing Competition in our college.A modified version of my previous sonnet "You Beautify My World" When I start thinking,you magnify my thoughts, When I crave for something,you satisfy my wants, When I'm stuck with a problem,you clarify my confusions, When I'm overflowing with joy,you amplify my happiness. When I start doing unique things,you identify my talents, When I keep the first step,you fructify my efforts, When I fight with someone,you justify my arguments, When I reach the pinnacle,you glorify my success. When I'm filled with pain,you liquefy my sorrows, When a threat approaches me,you nullify my fears, When a drop flows down on my chin,you stupefy my cries, When I'm drowned into troubles,you rectify my worries. I see God in you, in that way, you dignify my life, On the whole, you beautify my world. Love, Ram Thilak