Patriotism- A Fading Feeling!!

Patriotism, the love for one's own country has been fading drastically in the present young generation.Being an Indian and having spent my whole life till now in this country, I'am addressing this article only to Indian Citizens. The whole world has suffered a change in many ways and in many fields.But, any change must only bring prosperity to us.Globalization, Internet and Liberalization has taken India forward without any doubt, but it has also made young Indians diminish their love for this country.The young brains are not harnessed properly in India and there are no triggering factors to kindle the spirit of patriotism within them.

The world is a global village now, so being in India and shouting slogans is not the only way to show your patriotism.Wherever you are, the Indian tag will always stay with you.From my point of view, in every step of your achievement you are making your country proud in some way or the other.The same applies to every bad thing you do which brings shame to the country. There are many Indian-born scientists, business people, scholars who have brought lots of laurels to their motherland.Though, they went abroad for better avenues of work, they are also patriotic as the Indian tag still stays with them.
In a phrase, "Anywhere you go make your motherland proud about you!!!"

The feeling of Patriotism has different degrees.Serving in the army and protecting the country is the highest degree of patriotism.In a populous country like India, every citizen can't serve the army.If everyone at least do their regular works such as paying taxes, following the rules and regulations, not involving oneself in anti-social activities etc., properly, that's also a form of patriotism though the degree is lesser.Youngsters nowadays don't even spend some time to think about the national leaders.They are glued to television which has innumerable "special" programs for Republic day. Not even one "special" program kindles patriotism, which is saddening :-(.  When days such as Republic day comes, we have to spend some time to think about the national leaders who fought for our independence. 


Ram Thilak


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