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Patriotism- A Fading Feeling!!

Patriotism, the love for one's own country has been fading drastically in the present young generation.Being an Indian and having spent my whole life till now in this country, I'am addressing this article only to Indian Citizens. The whole world has suffered a change in many ways and in many fields.But, any change must only bring prosperity to us.Globalization, Internet and Liberalization has taken India forward without any doubt, but it has also made young Indians diminish their love for this country.The young brains are not harnessed properly in India and there are no triggering factors to kindle the spirit of patriotism within them. The world is a global village now, so being in India and shouting slogans is not the only way to show your patriotism.Wherever you are, the Indian tag will always stay with you.From my point of view, in every step of your achievement you are making your country proud in some way or the other.The same applies to every bad thing you do which

Sourav Ganguly- The God of Off-Side!!!

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly (Dada) is one of the most successful captains in the modern cricketing era. I saw a post in a popular social networking site which says, "Bring Back Ganguly as Coach of India or as Captain!!" which made me write about him.I'm not against M S Dhoni, but when captains fail to register wins that's when people realize the worth of old captains.Both people and media are now seeing everything in the present and future only, forgetting the past totally.When the present becomes worse, that's when they remember the PAST. Coming back to Ganguly, during his cricketing days he has achieved many rare feats such as highest score (131) on debut at Lord's-The Home Of Cricket ( this record still stands) and highest partnership of 318 in a World Cup along with Rahul Dravid.Apart from his individual achievements, Ganguly ushered that fighting attitude in Indian cricketers which made them even win matches overseas. Rahul Dravid described Ganguly once a

Spread your Sweetness..:-)

This is my second sonnet.It has something's which I've learnt in my life till now. We are born as humans for something specific, Don't live a life devoid of goals and modesty, Though not all dreams are realistic, Thinking beyond ourselves gives us immense joy. Your stay on this planet is uncertain, Yet every day we think about the next day, That's the mystery many scholars try to ascertain, But they too end their lives and go away. We fail to talk with people when they are alive, Then we cry hard for them when their soul departs, There is no use in storing your sweetness as in a beehive, Spread the sweetness in you without any limits. In spite of all the uncertainty in this mysterious world, Lets live in the present with eyes on tomorrow!!! Love, Ram Thilak

Relive After Death!!!

Death is something inevitable in one's life.It happens to every living being on earth.Even, the techno wizard Steve Jobs describes death as the "Single best invention of life and as a Life's Change Agent".We have had so many advancements in almost all fields of science yet we still fail to accept death as a part and parcel of one's life.Death cannot be escaped but now we can make parts of our body stay on earth when our soul departs.Yes, I'm talking about Organ Donation after death. India's biggest advantage and disadvantage is population.Around 1000+ people die everyday in India and if people come forward for eye donation we can make every person in India to see the world.In India, organ donation can be done only to brain dead patients.But, the knowledge about cadaver organ donation is not known to all and hence most of the organs get wasted as ash which can save lives.People must understand the importance of this great deed and should voluntarily com

2011-The Year of Social Media!!!

2011 has finally reached its end with everyone wishing others through the social media.This medium of communication is the most widely used forms of communication now and preferred by youngsters.Mobile phones with internet facilities and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA's ) are on the rise hence, this powerful means of communication is only going to become stronger as the years roll on.The biggest advantage of social networking sites and news media is that it reaches every household irrespective of differences which  helps us in creating a mass movement. The burning question is that, "Are we using this powerful social media wisely?".I can exemplify my argument with two recent examples.Being an Indian, and having witnessed these events in my locale I take these are convenient examples.Two high-profile events which occurred in India this year were, Anna Hazare Anti-Corruption Campaign and the next one is the "Why This Kolaveri Di" hit song.You could thin