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Doctor- A Costly Customer!!!

The medical system in India takes a lot from the American System of Medicine.Its always the case with India, we always ape the west and we always take the wrong things rightly!!! A generation ago, there will be a doctor in the neighborhood who will treat all the ailments.Nowadays, even for minor complications we have to meet a specialist with many degrees behind his name. He doesn't treat us directly and requires the help of all the sophisticated tests for treatment.This is the plight of medical practice in this country.I just can't imagine how under privileged people can manage the enormous expenses. Though, most of them have medical insurances and accident covers available, its really pathetic to see the amount of money wasted in hospitals and its allied services.The biggest disadvantage of these scans and tests is that, it is purely momentary and has no significance after its taken.Every service attached directly or indirectly with the hospital has become costly and has b

Westernization not at the expense of losing individualism!!!!

Globalization, liberalization and freedom have been the keywords of the present generation. Every child of the modern era has been exposed to the western culture and traditions.I welcome the concept of mixing of diverse cultures but that doesn't mean you have to lose your individuality and ape the west. India- the country filled with a lot of traditions has sustained the global meltdown in economy because our ancestors made us understand the importance of saving money.Those practices in India made us (or even making us) somehow manage the recession and inflation.I'm also against some of the worthless superstitions and futile practices on our culture but the strengths of being Indian must not be sacrificed at the cost of westernization. The reason why I write this article is because India now has a lot of manpower and human resource.The number of consumers is increasing day by day and seeing this Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail is proposed by our Government.Our

Success!! Easy to Attain but Difficult to Maintain!!

The days are gone, when the secrets of success and excellence are not known to all aspiring people.We are living in the days of Information Technology and every  information( good/bad) is accessible at a finger's click.The important factor which differentiates you from the crowd is your thought process of what you actually want and to be more specific what you actually choose. I recently searched the internet (Googled it!! to be more specific) to find what does international network offers me when I typed "The Secrets Of Success".I got into some interesting websites which offered the best motivational words in the planet.It was thought provoking while reading it.Then, I thought the whole world has got access to this information.Such motivational words were not available to my previous generations when demanded but they're right in front of me when I needed it. People can get motivated and charged up so easily now but do they carry forward the same enthusias