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There is Never a "The Last Thing" in Life!!!

During your student years, a popular statement stated by most teachers during board exams goes this way, "This is the exam that is going to be your life changer.If you're able to give your best in this exam, your life is settled."I believed this when I was going to face my board exams and gave my best shot at it.Now looking backwards, I find how foolish I was to believe it.This is because in life there is nothing called "The Last Thing".Optimistically speaking, those fears did motivate us to do well but that fear still lies with all of us every time we face exams. In case, you do well in your exams and get into a good college.From there on, you have to perform well again and compete with a peer group who are as good as you are.Hence, you are suppose to work hard yet again and this time even harder.The process goes on this way and goes on forever.You can't escape work in your life but what you can do is love the work you do.When you do a job well, next t

The Incessant Need For A Spiritual Force!!!

First of all, I'am writing this article not having any religion in my mind. The word spiritual here refers to something transcendental, something which is way beyond the theoretical explanation, something which defies science and is something which gives a meaning to the way you live. As a teenager, having not experienced all the things in life, I'am writing this, so as to make people understand that if we realize the importance of spirituality early in our lives, the trajectory of our life changes and it goes beyond the expectations we have. The present generation(in which I'am also a part of), which is popularly called as Liberalization's Grandchildren, have lived a life filled with freedom, happiness, togetherness along with love and compassion. This generation is extremely confident and are changing the ways our country has been moving so far. But besides all these optimisms, there is a big lacuna when it comes to spiritual growth and spiritual maturity. No m