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7am Arivu- An excellent concept misshaped....

7am Arivu, the much-awaited Surya-Murgadoss-Harris combo with the lights of Shruthi Hassan making a debut into Kollywood was a story par excellence but the screenplay has taken a topsy-turvy ride, so as to increase its commercial value.As a science enthusiast and as a Surya fan, I liked the movie and the concept behind the movie but A R Murugadoss has put a lot of things into this and the combination didn't turn out well as excepted. The first half hour of the movie which explains about Bodhidarma was neatly portrayed.I still feel that the same tempo was carried on the entire movie.Following the usual ways of Tamil Film making such as an entry song for the hero,a few love scenes between hero and heroine, the ladylove not understanding his lover which is followed by a sad song and a few peppy numbers in between hero and heroine can't gel well with a concept of Bodhidarma.Having a villain of high stature as Johnny Ngugen, the director has not used him wisely.The concept

MS Dhoni- Power Pack sealed in an Ice Cube

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the cricketer who came to into Team India without much expectations has changed the fortunes of Cricket in India and guided them to win the World Cup.I had the thought of writing an article about this person but the recently concluded India-England ODI series kindled me to write this one without postponing any further.I've seen cricket for about more than 10 years and I've rarely seen the combination of Consistency,Composure with excellent leadership skills all in the same person. Dhoni was noticed among the people after his swashbuckling 148 against Pakistan.Way back in 2005, MS had a long colored hair then and I told my brother that day, "Okay! Its a great day for him.But he can't withstand."Then, in the same year he hit an explosive 183 of 145 balls chasing against Sri Lanka which came on to be the highest innings while chasing a game and this record still stands.This innings of Dhoni was described in the Wisden Almanack(2006) as, &qu

Autos in Chennai-A costly time travelling..

Auto is a popular mode of transport for short distances which ensures both comfort and affordability in transportation.Though most of my posts focus on a larger spectrum, I really got frustrated while catching on auto which prompted me to write this one. Autos which are most frequently used by middle-class people and in areas where buses cannot reach.Nowadays constantly stating excuses such as increase in the price of petrol and not getting enough people to travel, these auto drivers are fleecing people with exorbitant rates for short distances.They are not sparing the aged and the sick even at critical situations.Its really pathetic to see these people trying hard to bargain with these auto drivers even at tough times.There is absolutely no rules followed by these drivers and no law to impose restrictions on them.Share autos which is gaining importance is now preferred by public because they have a "Fixed" amount for appropriate distances which has diluted the amoun

The Disconnect between Politicos and People!!!!!

In a country, like India which portrays itself proudly as the Largest Democracy, its not good enough when it comes to connection between politicians and people. We find "these" people understanding the importance of public, when it comes to election otherwise they just seem to be uninterested in people.I'm not accusing all the politicians but largely speaking they are not worthy.To manage a country as big as India and to address its issues is not as easy but still things have to be managed and problems have to be solved. The Government outwardly has only the Chief minister in the state and Prime Minister in the country as their heads.If any money for development is allocated, the same money doesn't reach the place where development happens.It follows a hierarchical route where people at every level grab as much as they can and after all these allocations when it finally reaches people it results in sub standard development recurring further losses. Though, many mov

Time- A Word Playing Different Roles

The word which keeps us moving through the day and gives us a lot of deadlines to accomplish is not that big to hear or hard to pronounce yet it fears us all the while-TIME.Taking this concept of time and memories into a larger spectrum its hysterical that Time actually does a lot of good to us indirectly.I might sound ridiculous but have a lot of facts for justification. Take for example, a sad incident has occurred in your house.Initially, you will be heartbroken for the loss of a dear one and the impact of the loss will trouble you throughout.But as time progresses, the magnitude of the impact fades and you start retaining yourself back during the course.If you look at the reason behind this, its purely Time which changes your thought.Time has got the potent to heal any loss.Its like when you put your heart and soul in the events of life you'll observe that everything keeps changing and every aspect of human life keeps changing.When a thought keeps lingering into your mi

"Cricket- From a Gentlemen's Game to the Strongest Man's Game"

This article is written by a cricket fanatic who loved the way this wonderful game was played in the green soil.The subtle art of batsman ship which had a lot of class with it on par with that of a craftsman.But now after the advent of many T20 tournaments this art has become more of muscle power than of skill. I've been a great fan of Cricket right from my childhood.In fact, having born in India and not knowing cricket is considered close to a sin here.During my days when cricket began more familiar and exciting to watch,I would think that batsman is like a King on the field who's given a bat to strike the balls all along the ground as much as he can.During my teens, after understanding the theories of the game and propagating it proudly to my brother I really got a lot of respect for this game.I used to love ODI's more than tests as the shorter version of the game struck the right balance of talent, skill, patience and all put together thought batting is a great art

The Brain behind iRevolution!!

This article is dedicated posthumously for one of the greatest innovators in the field of consumer electronics and who had revolutionized the way we feel technology in the information age- Yes I'am talking about Steve Jobs...The Brain behind the iRevolution. I'am writing this article for two reasons: as an Apple fan and to respect a great human being. Steve has changed the field of design and has given more intuitive devices reaching both the hearts and brains of the consumers.I personally like his innovation of iPod which made music closer to your soul.That innovation was like a blessing to music lovers and was a boon to Apple to save the company's fortune and to get their profits back.Some of Steve's principles like "To make technology functional keeping its elegance intact", is what makes Apple's products truly classy.The use of animation and intuitive graphical user interface in all its devices makes your feel of using its products very personal a

Choose your Buddies Wisely!!!!!

Nowadays becoming a friend to someone has become really easy with multiple ways to make friends.But choosing the right friend who's gonna be with you forever is the key.The reason why I say this is because, your friends are the one who are gonna define you in the real world.As many people say, you cannot choose your family, you gonna accept them the way in which they are.But that doesn't happen with friends where you have the right to choose them. People now confuse between friends and acquaintances.Its like they feel that when they get a new friend they have to give too much importance to them leaving their old true friends uninterested.When I usually get a new friends I discover them and then if I'am interested I make them my close friends.A lot also depends on the mutual friends.I also see who their friends are before making them close to me.Its not like you have to en quire about them to others.Its not the way to make friends.It can happen only by talking in person