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"You Beautify My World"

Just tried writing my first sonnet.I dedicate it to all my close friends.. You magnify my thoughts, You satisfy my wants, You clarify my confusions, You amplify my happiness. You identify my talents, You fructify my efforts, You justify my arguments, You glorify my success. You liquefy my sorrows, You nullify my fears, You stupefy my cries, You simplify my worries. You dignify my life, You beautify my world... Love, Ram Thilak

What Really Defines People?

Finally back to my favorite label Philosophy.For quite sometime now, I've really been wondering what changes people when they grow.Is it the biological changes they have? Is it the influence of films and friends around them? Is it their experiences of life? Is it the people they meet and their life changes? and when I start thinking I have more questions than answers.Then, after a lot of brain crunching finally understood that A Significant change can happen in your life only when you're ready to change. I accept the fact the friends and family really play a major role in sculpting your character.They define you in the real world.They are the ones who are gonna witness and experience the change in you.But besides all these, the real change in yourself have to begin within you.Its like a transformation of ice to water.Though, atmosphere around you is ready to change you, only when ice(you) are ready to leave your heat(your old character) to the atmosphere(friends and family)

What makes Google So Special??

Google- A Six letter word which is responsible for bringing all the world's information you want as close to your eyes as possible. A company with a Motto "To organize all the world's information and make it universally accessible", it has rendered this service with utmost customer satisfaction after its beginning in 1996.Started by two graduates named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, this company has had unimaginable growth and is still becoming stronger day in and day out.The attractive brand name "Google"was enacted after misspelling "Googol" means 1 followed by 100 zeros.This was an indication that their search engine is going to be a "Big One" with a lot of pages and that's what Google has achieved over the years. Coming to the crux of this article, I really can't pick one reason for seeing Google as a special company. I first of all like their work culture and the principles they follow in the work they do.This company has

Grandparents Out pour Infinite Love!!!!!!!!!I

I was among few blessed souls who had a chance to live with my grandparents. Though, all kids love their dad and mom, grandpa and grandma are special to anyone.They are the ones who fight with their own children just to save their grandchildren. They are the ones who take immense care on your health and life, and how big you grow to be in life their affection remains unchanged. When you find a grandpa playing with his grandchild, you would find that he has lost all his professional attributes and egos.Grandparents sit on the ground plays with their grandchild, lifts the tender legs of his grandchild carefully and inserts the socks to ease him during winter, plays a lot of games without logic just to see a smile in his grandchild's face and a lot of comical facial expressions to make the child happy.All these things are done by grandparents just to show their love and affection for their grandchild. I'm writing this article because today September 11th is Grandparents Day a

Mankatha- A Thala Totality!!!!!

This is probably my first review for A Mass Movie like Mankatha.Embarked as Thala Ajith's 50th Flick, this film was highly anticipated among the masses as Thala was back to films after a year.It has somehow satisfied the audience keeping up to its expectations. Talking about the film, for the first time a hero has dared to show his age on screen.That definitely requires a lot of credit to Ajith Kumar, a bold attempt.When, you watch the movie, there are some frames you find the protagonist showing his negativity and his love for money. This is something very different to Kollywood, which has for long satisfied itself with the traditional good(hero) wins over evil(villain).Till the gripping climax, everything seems a mystery for you. There is absolutely no scope for heroines in this mass movie.All the beauties Trisha,Anjali and Andrea Jeremiah(my fav) seems to just fill the lacuna.Instead, the alluring Lakshmi Rai seems to get a lot of importance in this movie.The first half w

Finally Discovered How to feel Happiness!!!

For a long time, I have been on my search on discovering what True Happiness is all about. Even, I was satisfied with my dad's words that, there is nothing in this world called as true happiness.But, now after reading the book "The Alchemist" written by Paul Coelho I wish to disagree with that philosophical thought. There was a beautiful illustration in this book. The crux of this story is "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and at the same time never get yourself dispersed from your focus". Meaning, you can do all that you want in your life, but never ever lose your prime focus of your life. This concept seems to be an eye-opener for me as it has quenched my long dry thirst of finding happiness. One of my close friends used to tell me, "You have to do all the things the world has!!! Thilak...At the same time keep on studying well..Finally, at some point of time in your life, when you look back you'd feel happy for all

The Connector Called Facebook!!!!

People of the earlier generations would miss their school friends and college friends badly once their curriculum is completed. They may be in touch with a few close ones, but not with everyone.The information age we are currently experiencing has made Human a lead a more prepared and a calculated life.Another advantage of this age is the advent of Internet as a common medium of communication via social networking sites, chats, video calls et cetera. When I start speaking about social network the only thing which comes to my mind is "Facebook". Nowadays, whether your friend in within your city, or outside your country you can share your life with him through facebook. Its a excellent concept of connecting with friends and people you like the most. Now I find that all my friends are within my database. Their happiness, sorrows, craziness,events everything comes right on my wall which is amazing. We don't miss our friends or lose them at any point of time which makes fac